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destination wedding Oct 17 2014 bride here! timeline??

hi ladies!

we have finally picked a venue! Paliku Gardens at Kualoa Ranch on Oahu, HI. this is somewhat of a destiniation wedding as most of us live in CA, however i was born and raised in HI and my parents still live there. 

couple things - my mom has agreed to be my wedding planner, which i'm stoked on since she's retired and lives there and my parents are paying for everything. how do i keep her from taking over, especially with the guest list? also, any advice on vendors?

how do i get my friends to come?? i know most of them don't make a lot of money, which is why we are waiting so long, so we can all save $$ for the trip. i want my friends there, and i don't want this to turn into a party for my parents and their friends.... any advice?

also, when should i send the save the dates? invites? start looking for my dress? booking vendors? any and all advice appreciated!

thank you ladies and gents! 1<3

10-17-14 here we come!!!! so excited!

Re: destination wedding Oct 17 2014 bride here! timeline??

  • Congratulations! Its so nice that your mom is helping you out so much. I would just be involved as you can throughout the entire process. When it comes to the guest list I would give her the list and be like this is who we want invited to the wedding. I would also just follow up on the list too to make sure the guests get STD and invitations. Or you can just take control of the guest list and invitations. That doesn't necessarily need to be done by your mom. You can do that fro CA. :) 

    My FI and I live in the Hudson Valley of New York. Most of our friends are here but almost ALL of our family lives at least 3 hours away. Some family is also in CA, CO, FL and beyond. So our wedding is sort of like a destination wedding for our family (without the tropical feel and the beach). We are sending out our STD early. I would like to get them out by 11 months. That way our family can really start planning to travel. 

    A few of our coworkers have also had destination weddings. What they did was work with a travel agent and sent out save the date flyers with the information including the travel agent. They sent this information out as early as 2 years before. I think if its really important that your friends are there that you send information to your friends as early as possible. 

    I hope this helps!

  • Congratulations!!! I'm getting married on October 17, 2014 too! <3 So excited!! 

    I know a couple who had a destination wedding and even though it WAS difficult, they had to cut back their "friends-list," give them way advance notice of where and when their wedding would be so that their friends could plan & save far in advance. (This is great for you since we have 18 months now! I'm sending out my save-the-dates this October, maybe you should do yours late Aug/Sept/early Oct?). It ended up all working out for them - the people who truly wanted to be there were there for them and it ended up being a beautiful wedding! 

    I'm going to start searching for my wedding dress this summer and hopefully by Sept. I'll have it! I already booked my photographer. I've been making drafts of the guest list, but it will be finalized by the time my save-the-dates go out next month! I still feel like I have sooo much to do :/ somedays I feel like I have all the time in the world, other days I panic and feel so overwhelmed with all that I have left to do!

    Best of luck to you in your wedding planning!! PM me if you have any questions! 

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  • Oh also I forgot to add, my mom has totally stepped into the wedding planner role too. I wish I knew how to keep her from taking over completely too! Ugh lol.

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  • thank you lovelies!!!

    as far as the mom in the coordinator role, i just posted about it in another community because it was getting out of hand! i had a chat with her tonight and we agreed to hire a pro... it went really well! here's my post:

    i have let my closest friends know about the date and location via email or text... also i plan on sending out STDs in october (1 year out), at which point i'll have reserved my venue and hashed out the guest list... then it's dress time!

    yay us!!!
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