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Bridals!! PIP

For those who like to photo-stalk like me!
Some tips if you haven't taken bridals:
1. Take them.
2. Don't wear your wedding shoes if they're white (mine are ruined).
3. Watch your dress when getting in cars.
5. Be ready to sweat/ants crawling up your dress/other unexpected events.

Other than those things, the day was great and I'm so happy with the finished product!

Have y'all taken bridals yet?

Re: Bridals!! PIP

  • Beautiful pictures! you look absolutely amazing!

  • drg424drg424 member
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    Beautiful! Such a great idea (that I had NO idea existed until just recently) :(

    When is your wedding date? Actually, I am getting married Friday and still am waiting on my finished dress so I guess I couldn't have done this. You must have really been on the ball! :)

    ETA: Your dress is BEAUTIFUL. These are great pics and I also like to photo stalk so thanks for giving me something to look at this afternoon :)

  • Thank you guys!! 
    @drg424, I didn't know what they were either! I think it might be a southern thing? I'm not from here... I'm actually getting married Saturday, but I've had my finished dress for two weeks! I just had to be careful not to gain/lose any weight. Thank you and good luck on Friday!!!! :)
  • ☝Beautiful!!! I'm getting married Saturday and I took my bridal portraits last Thursday!
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  • Thank you!! Did you get yours back yet?!
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