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One woman mission to get this board poppin...

Re: One woman mission to get this board poppin...

  • I love the dancing dog. :) 
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  • agreed!  I left this page open on the computer and my fiance asked what are you looking at with a dancing dog haha!! so cute!!

    So the colors I was thinking for our wedding were orange and pink but I just started working at a party rental company and our showroom is decked out with wedding table settings and now I am a kid in a candy shop!!! what to do what to do??!! I have 2 years until our wedding so I can change a 100 times i suppose!
  • Hehe. I chose my colors right off the bat, 17 months out and stuck with them. I just knew what I wanted and that was that. But I can definitely understand how and why people change up their colors so often. There are so many cool color combos out there! 
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  • I feel like if I got married elsewhere in the USA I would have a nicer wedding.
  • Well then why not get married elsewhere? 
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  • PP have you settled on colors yet?

    Also, since I changed my sig it totally looks like you are calling the chic in OP a dog :) Woops. Here is the dancing dog:



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