Bar Harbor Wedding - Atlantic Oceanside??

Hi all - my first post!! Exciting stuff.

I'm trying to nail down a venue in Bar Harbor area for July 12, 2014. The dream was the Asticou Inn, but after a lot of discussion and phone calls, it just isn't workable. It's beautiful, but it would just end up being waaaaaay too much money. (For a main room reception they require you book out the entire inn... !! )

We're looking at the Atlantic Oceanside Hotel right now ( I was in town over the 4th, but did not get a chance to look at it... the pictures look lovely, but there are only a few reviews I can find and none of them are that recent. Has anyone had their wedding or been to a wedding there? I'd love some real world opinions before I commit. 

Also any other Bar Harbor planning advice is welcomed. :)

Re: Bar Harbor Wedding - Atlantic Oceanside??

  • I've never been to a wedding there, but I did stay there last June for our anniversary. I thought it was beautiful :) I'd go check it out if I were you to see if it's what you want. Good luck with planning your wedding :)
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