Can my favors double as escort cards?!?

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I have local honey in small mason jars that we are giving as favors. My question is how to make these double as escort cards. In a manner that the carter will be able to read the card to know meal choice.... Chicken brown writing, Fish orange writing and Veggie in green writing. If I tie the escort card to the honey what if somebody puts it in a bag or something? Trying to figure out the most officiate way to make this work! My other issue is I have 2 types of honey dark and light. I wanted each couple or family to get 1 of each. Thanks in advance for your advice.

Re: Can my favors double as escort cards?!?

  • I think it would work out fine and is a really nice idea.  You could have whoever is officiating the wedding service announce that the honey on the tables at the reception is for each guest, but that it is also the ticket to getting the correct meal - so please leave the jars in place until the dinner is served. (or something like that...) 

    So far as the dilemma with the 2 jars of honey, you could wrap them together with raffia, ribbon, or put them in a small basket at each place setting.  Or you could have a table with let's say the dark honey on it near the exit with a sign that tells each guest to please take an additional bottle as a big "Thank You" for coming to the wedding!

    Hope this helps in some way!

  • They aren't our favors, but our escort cards are small boxes that we're going to fill with mints, and we're tying a colored ribbon around them to indicate what meal that person has...might be a little easier for the servers to see than colored writing, depending on how big your label is. If you're already tying escort cards to the honey jar, could work the color-coding system in that way.

    I like the PP's idea of having the officiant say something to let people know they should keep the jar out so they get the right meal, or you could put a sign on the table where people pick up their jar of honey/escort card in the first place.
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    Love this idea... wish I saw it before I tied all my ribbons on the jars!!

  • Our escort cards are printed on Matchbox Mustangs, our favors!
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