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DJ at a Backyard Wedding?

Hi Ladies!

My fiance and I are planning a backyard wedding this September, and the last thing we have to nail down is a DJ! I am wondering if anyone has any experience/advice with not using a DJ for a backyard wedding? We are leaning towards not using a DJ, just a few pre-selected playlists, but want to make sure we can get the party going. It's a pretty casual affair, but we still want our guests to have fun! Any suggestions would be much appreciated! Only 59 days left! Thanks!

Re: DJ at a Backyard Wedding?

  • We're using a laptop and Spotify to DJ our outdoor wedding, and we're borrowing sound equipment from a friend of mine who used to DJ. Proper amplification is the biggest concern, especially if you want people to dance. It can be hard to get the music loud enough outside, since the sound isn't contained. That's why I'm glad we have professional equipment and input! You can probably rent big speakers from your local rental company and ask their advice.
  • Although many people would insist you need to hire a DJ I don't agree. There is a free program out there called "ZARA Radio" and it is comparable to what professional radio stations would use.  In this program you can pre-determine your playlist (or just shuffle it) and then it will blend the songs into one another for you so there is never a dull moment!!!  You can also program in your own sound clips to play at desingated times or intervals,  which could really help if you want to stop for the cake cutting etc.

    I do agree with the PP that you should rent/borrow some kind of good speaker system.  The worst thing would be to have great music, and nobody could hear it.  Good luck and enjoy your wedding day!!

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