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Vendor Reviews from my wedding!

I was married June 28 and now that there has been plenty of time to reflect on things, I thought I would write some reviews to hopefully help anyone looking for vendors. :)

Venue: Washington County Historic Courthouse A+!! 
The venue was perfect! So gorgeous. They sent me a letter warning me that they were doing a bit of reconstruction but that it shouldn't interfere with pictures. I was a little worried but when I got there, I had NO IDEA where they were doing the construction--we saw no signs of it so it obviously wasn't a problem. They were great with communication and answering questions and giving suggestions.

Caterer: Brasa A
This so WOULD be an A+ but I just had a couple issues. First of all, food was FANTASTIC. No worries about that. But we hired a staff member through them specifically to be our bartender and as my husband was walking by the bar at 9:30, he announced to my husband that he was off at 10. Uhh...what? I paid for 6 hours! He started bartending at 5...why would he leave at 10? I had already paid AND given him a generous tip, so I was very irritated at the time. Looking back, I think he came early with the caterers and helped set up the food and he counted that in his 6 hours. Okay, that's all fine and dandy, but please tell me if you are going to include catering set up in that time! I would HAPPILY have paid him for 7 hours or even 8 to keep him all night--it was just a miscommunication. I didn't factor in set up time because we set up the bar completely ourselves, so he didn't have any set up to do. I didn't think it would be a problem, but it was. So just make sure if you go with Brasa, give them the amount of time you need the actual SERVICE and ask them to tell you how many hours you would have to pay for to include their set up. I told them "I need a bartender for 6 hours" and they took that as "She needs a bartender for 5 hours and we can use an hour to have him help set up food." I was not cool with that, like I said I would have HAPPILY paid them more, it was just a miscommunication. Also, another minor thing was that the DJ asked the servers if they could help him take down a few tables so he could set up the dance floor, and they said no because I hadn't asked them before hand. That wasn't really a big deal cause we just had the groomsmen do it and it took all of two minutes, but at the same time it's like...really? I'm paying each server $22/hour to be here and you can't do a two minute job? Okay...

Overall though, I was VERY pleased--don't let my negativity above deter you from Brasa, just use my experience to make sure you are on the EXACT SAME PAGE as everyone. Communication is key--I assumed too much. :) I would definitely choose Brasa again, I would just make sure I cleared a few things before hand that I didn't realize I had to clear with them.

Linen/Water Glass Rental: Midway Party Rental C
The only reason they get a C and not a D is because they were friendly, professional, and polite in dealing with the issues at hand. That said, there were a LOT of issues. I could rant for awhile, but I will be brief. 1) They didn't file my contract under my name and one month before the wedding when I was contacting them to make changes, they couldn't find my contract even though I had a credit card statement that PROVED they had taken a deposit. They stopped answering my phone calls and I was worried I was being scammed. Eventually, about 4 or 5 days later, they called and told me they found it and all was well. Great! So the day of the wedding they brought the table cloths (which were incredibly wrinkled) and water glasses and all was well. However, 2 weeks after the wedding I get an email saying that they went to pick up my rental items from the courthouse on Monday (I had a Friday wedding, so they tried to pick them up almost 3 days later) and they couldn't find ANY of my items. I was livid at this point because the courthouse had TWO WEDDINGS after ours BEFORE they tried to pick up the items--how was I supposed to know where the stuff is? It could be anywhere at that point. Stuff gets moved around with weddings in and out each day. However, it all got sorted out--the Courthouse fixed the issue for me, which was so wonderful and another reason why I love them! Basically, they did pick my items up on Saturday but whoever picked them up never did the correct paperwork so they had no record of it.

DJ: Midwest Sound A+
The DJ was wonderful. We had Tyler (goes by DJ Tango) and we just loved him! We got a lot of compliments on him, too. I SO BADLY want to go back in time and relive that dance--it was the most fun I've ever had!

Hmm...I think that's everyone? If I missed any vendors I will come edit this later. Overall, I had the most PERFECT wedding I could ever ask for. It was so amazing despite any issues I had. I would still choose all of my vendors again (except maybe Midway Party Rental) and I really want to relive it all again. 

Hope this helps!

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