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need help finding an inexpensive outdoor venue!

We are starting to plan a may or june outdoor wedding. We're wanting both the ceremony and reception outdoors. My fiancé only wants to spend up to $1000 on the venue but up to $2000 will be ok too. (The cheaper the better!) So if anyone has any suggestions for a venue that'd be great..preferably in the dfw area but central tx and down by san Antonio may be ok too.

Re: need help finding an inexpensive outdoor venue!

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    I only know of a few that are totally out of doors:  La Buena Vida winery and Belltower Chapel but not sure either are in that budget.  There is a thread below entitled "Venue under 1500" with some other ideas.

    Please do not do this in June.  It is a bad idea for so many reasons.

  • I agree with Stephie.  Outdoors in June (outdoor any time with no backup plan) is a terrible idea.  It is not just hot, it is stifling-ly humid.  Not only will your guests be uncomfortable, but YOU in your gorgeous dress will be sweating like cah-razy.



  • June 2011 bride here--it was 103 on our wedding day. Everything was indoors, which made it bearable, but for the love of everything holy do not have an outdoor wedding in Texas from May through August. I'm tempted to lump September in there. I can only speak for Dallas temps, but I would be willing to bet that SA is worse.

    I was hot under my heavy dress, absolutely NO outdoor pictures (I seriously would have had a heat stroke), and stood in front of a box fan in the bridal suite in the Church before the ceremony.

    Please re-think this, your guests will thank you.

  • The venue I'm using is $1800 for an entire day from 9 am until 2 am the next day.  They have no restrictions on vendors and you can do indoor or outdoor.  I'm doing the whole thing outdoor cause it's just too cute.  They're actually on The Knot.  Willow Lake Gardens just west of Fort Worth in Weatherford.
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  • Thanks, I was looking there but sadly my "friend" has booked her wedding there so its no longer an option :(

  • Thanks, I was looking there but sadly my "friend" has booked her wedding there so its no longer an option :(

    Is your friend getting married on the same day?  I don't understand why this eliminates a venue as an option.



  • In Azle is A&M Gardens. Outdoor gardens are shaded, they use huge (quiet) fans and they just got misters. There is an inside option for ceremony/reception. Depending on the guest count & day, they are reasonable.  You can use your own vendors too.

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