2 djs or 1?

How many of you ladies are using a Dj who brings a helper vs a DJ that does not? I am torn between two- The first has a personality that I think fits better with our friends, but he is more expensive and does not bring a second person, while the second has a second person, is also a nice guy, and is $500 less.

Re: 2 djs or 1?

  • We chose our DJ (Klock) because they have a 2nd person, we are also using their photobooth which comes with an attendant. From my expereince, the DJ stands behind the booth and plays the music, then you have the announcer who runs the reception, you need someone who can walk around and get people excited, who can keep everything moving and who isn't trying to juggle changing a song and announcing dinner is served at the same time
  • I've never seen two people working as DJs at a PA wedding and it's never been a problem. I only had one DJ, he had no problem keeping the music playing and making annoucements.

    The whole "crowd motivator" thing seems like such a Jersey/Long Island thing. It's really not my style.
  • I've been to a lot of weddings, and have worked a lot of weddings...and I have yet to see 2 DJ's.  No matter, go with what works best for your style and budget.
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    I went to a wedding with 2, and the one who was the "crowd motivator" type was mostly just annoying. That's the only wedding out of many that I've been to with 2 DJs. IMO, people who will dance, will dance regardless and people who aren't inclined to dance aren't going to do so just because there's a 2nd DJ. Good music motivates people. But like the PP says, absolutely go with your gut and what works best for your wedding. :)
  • Highly recommend two.  One typically does the mixes while the other MC's the event. 
  • Most weddings I've been to have 2 guys working, but it's usually the DJ (who you're paying for) and a high school/college kid who is trying to gain experience and takes over while the DJ eats, goes to the bathroom, etc. If you're going with a DJ who really doesn't bring anyone else, I'd ask him what his plans are for these moments, since the music is the one thing that's typically non-stop the entire night.
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  • @krizzo17 brings up a good point.  I am booking a DJ team for my wedding for just that reason, however that is my personal choice. 
  • I asked the same thing as well when I was picking out my DJ. If a DJ uses a computer / hard drive, he doesn't really need anyone else to change music. He can program it in. If you're looking at a DJ that plays cd's, RUN AWAY!!
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