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We got our proposed menu from our caterer and I love it.   I wanted to see if there was anything obviously missing though.   How does this sound?

A few notes:

*There will be a top shelf open bar all night.  We're ordering a case of champagne for the toast as well.
*We are hosting only 15 people.   
*We are renting out a 16th century English coaching inn and the restaurant's usual full menu will be available as well, so if someone doesn't like soup, for instance, they can order a salad off the menu.

Happy Hour Canapés


Mini Pizza


Bacon, Aberdeen Angus Beef & Cheese Burgers

Smoked Salmon & Horseradish


Wedding Breakfast


Cream of Mushroom Soup


French Onion Soup 


Choice of:

Baked Trout with new potatoes and fine green beans

Roasted Sirloin of Beef with Yorkshire Pudding and all the trimmings or potato fondant, wilted greens and red wine gravy

Wild Mushroom Tagliatelle or Risotto with Sun-blushed Tomatoes (V)

Chicken Breast, wrapped in bacon and stuffed with either blue cheese served with mushroom tagliatelle, stuffed with mozzarella and chorizo served with Mediterranean vegetables and sun-blushed tomato risotto or stuffed with Wensleydale & Cranberry served with crushed potatoes and seasonal vegetables



New Forest Cheese Plate

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Wedding cake (5 tiers: red velvet with cream cheese filling, chocolate nutella, vanilla bean with salted caramel, vanilla bean with vanilla bean buttercream and lemon with lemon curd) or gluten free cupcakes (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry).


Late Night Snack


Soft Pretzels with a cheese dip

Tortilla Chips with guacamole, salsa and a cheese dip

Fresh doughnuts


ETA: Clarity

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Re: Reception Menu

  • sounds perfectly fine. 

  • Sounds fantastic - it's nice that they're offering so many different options already, and yet will still let you sub in something from their standard menu if guests need it.
  • I know the cake is a bit much, but I wanted a huge cake.   So I'm doing it.

    The cream of mushroom soup is vegetarian.

    Thanks for the feedback!  I appreciate it.  
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  • Sounds just lovely 

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  • Sounds delicious. I was also thinking that an entire case of champagne (in the states a case of champagne is 12 bottles) would be a lot for 15 people if there's also an open bar. 

    I'd be all up in that menu though. =) Yum.

  • It sounds like a wedding...
  • JoanE2012JoanE2012 Exit 21 (Jersey!) member
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    It sounds like a wedding...
  • Your menu sounds absolutely delicious.  My mouth is watering thinking about it.
  • Sounds amazing. The chicken one was confusing, but that might just be because of the formatting on the post.

    I love all of the different cake options. I would want a slice of each one!

  • How is it wasteful to have a nice dinner for their guests? The place doesn't serve every single choice to every person and it's not the wedding parties responsibility to deal with leftover food. Obviously you've never worked food service before, because the catering staff generally takes home leftovers and they do no get wasted by any means. Most catering staff are college students who gladly take home free food.
  • I just don't get why it says wedding breakfast when there is no breakfast food listed? or were you meaning that to be a separate event earlier in the day? food options sound delish though
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    I just don't get why it says wedding breakfast when there is no breakfast food listed? or were you meaning that to be a separate event earlier in the day? food options sound delish though

    I think wedding breakfast is a British term for the meal at the reception. It dates back to when the couples use to fast before they get married. So it first meal they would eat that day according to Wikipedia.

  • @MoemacWed30594 is right.  It is called "breakfast" because it is the first meal the married couple has together.

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  • my only concern is the nutella tier in the cake are any of your 15 guest alergic to nuts or have a severe nut allergy then they would not be able to enjoy any of the cake
  • Maybe 3 tiers for the most

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