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Pic-sharing thread!

Okay, I have a few free moments and since I LOVE photo-stalking everyone else, I figured I'd start a thread and add our wedding photos, too, as they become available. Here's a few!

Re: Pic-sharing thread!

  • You looked beautiful!  Congrats :-)  Love the pic of your DH as you are coming down the aisle.  So sweet.
  • yep, that picture of him crying is priceless! my H really just had a dead look on his face fighting back the tears, i love that he let them out! You look AMAZIINNG as well, and your flowers are gorgeous!!
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    Thank you! The DH crying was honestly the highlight for me LOL. It was SO sweet to see him so nervous and emotional. I thought for sure I was going to be a bucket of tears and a mess but after having spent 9 hours with my BMs, mom and grandma at the venue before the wedding I was so wound up and coo-coo, I was cracking jokes at the ceremony!

    I love seeing the ceremony pics since I was obviously the last one in and missed all the other stuff. And I didn't even NOTICE the flowers until I saw the pics!

  • The flower thing is soo true! I was basically looking down (trying not to cry) most of my walk down I didnt even notice the isle flowers i insisted on that cost an extra 150.. so there better be some pictures JUST of them! haha 
  • Haha same thing happened to me. Luckily my venue was awesome enough to move my ceremony flowers to decorate a couple of locations within my reception hall. So funny how it works in the end and how it's the same thing with all of us!
  • Beautiful. Congrats!
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  • you look so gorgeous!! love your flowers! I totally agree about missing some of the details...like, what did my reception even look like? can't wait for my pro pics!


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    Thank you! I can't wait to see everyone else's either :)
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