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I made appointments to meet with some photographers. I decided to post everyones pricing and website here. If you guys like this, let me know and I can do the same for my next vendors. 

The prices here are for 8hours - 2 photographers and engagement session

Eric Foley $5250

Jerome Braga $6000 with album

Claudia - Hello Fabuluxe $3100

Vincent $3789

Carla Ten Eyeck. $5800
Only problem is that she gives you the images six months after the wedding. 

David Jeffrey - $2500

Carrie Draghi Photography, she did not provide me with her packages but she said her couples spend around $3800 - $5800 .... I didn't make an appointment with her because of this.

If you have another photographer feel free to post their website and their prices. 

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