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Engagement photos, too late?

FI and I got engaged Feb 25th 2012. We had family pictures taken this last spring in which she had some that were just us. We are anticipating getting married this upcoming year (hopefully). Is it too late to be getting engagement photos done?

Re: Engagement photos, too late?

  • I don't think it's too late. I'm pretty new to all this but I think you take engagement pictures 7-9 months before the wedding. It helps you establish a relationship and get comfortable with the photographer before the wedding. So it is not too late as far as I know!
  • Not at all.  It really depends on what you want to do with your engagement photos.  If you just want pretty pictures of you and FI to display in your home, then you can do them any time.

    If you want a picture for your Save The Dates, you should get pictures done a few months before you would send out STDs, to allow time for the photographer to return them to you and time for you to design, order, and send the finished product.

    We got engaged in September 2010, married in November 2011, and had e-pics done in March 2011.  In hindsight I would have waited even longer (except it would have been omg-hot) because, while I love them, I hate my hair in them and wish it was longer.  :p  We didn't do picture-STDs, but I did use the pics to make a guest book.



  • I mean there are some engagement like pictures that she took when doing our family session, so I wouldn't HAVE to have a session for those, although I see all of these other gorgeous pictures of others together in cute poses and in cute outfits, when the ones we have from our family session were just us in jeans and a plain shirt. I feel like I want everything (as much as possible) should be done right. I don't anticipate another marriage and I don't want to feel like I missed out on something later down the road. An engagement party I could live without. A bridal shower I could even live without since FI and I have been living together for almost four years now and really won't need anything until we actually are getting a house. I could do without a bridal session too. But I for some reason really feel it necessary to do an engagement session or maybe even a newly wed session once we get married. FI and I have very few photos of just us together as it is, much less any GOOD ones. And I think I don't have ANY of me in a cute little casual dress. So I guess I feel like I answered my own question, however, I just was wondering what's a good time frame. FI and I have not yet picked a date or venue, so maybe once we figure that out then e-pics can be our next step. I would love to have a photo on our STD if possible.
  • So random question in regards to E-pics. Do you coordinate the season you take them with the season you intend to get married? Or does it matter?
  • So random question in regards to E-pics. Do you coordinate the season you take them with the season you intend to get married? Or does it matter?
  • I skipped bridals, but I got engagement pictures for one of the reasons you mentioned -- I just wanted some pictures of DH and me.  I have absolutely zero regrets about not getting bridals, but I think I definitely would have been sad to not have engagements.

    I'd say maybe get with the person who did the family photos and see if they would take some of you and FI?



  • We did a very short shoot with a new photographer for free to have a picture for our STD, but we only received the one photo we used for our STD. I still sort of regret not having them, but it doesn't bother H. 
    We do have a LOT of pictures together from all the places we've gone.
    All to say, you can get pics done at any time, depending on what you want them for. I'm going to try to convince H to get some pics done this fall, so we'll see how it goes...
  • I really don't think that the season matters at all, or how far before the wedding you have them taken. It just isn't something that I would notice at all if I were to see pics. If both of you are down to have them done, definitely go for it.

    J and I didn't have any done, and I always think of doing anniversary pics or something but he loathes taking pictures. I'll just stick with our wedding pictures since I doubt we'll ever get a shot that could match the way he was smiling like he did that day.

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