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Hello All.. A little introduction and some help needed!

I've been lurking on the board for a few weeks and now I could use your help!

We got engaged about a month ago, we have a wedding date set and are working on our venue now before we take a little planning break until January.  The ceremony will be December 13, 2014 at HPUMC in Dallas. 

We are on the hunt for a reception venue, it doesn't have to allow outside catering or BYOB, we are ok going in house if the pricing is decent.  Our budget is roughly 15k for the venue/food/beverage - there may be a little wiggle room, but not a ton.  We are planning on having about 180 people and would really like to stay in Dallas proper if possible.  Does anyone have any favorite spots or know of good mid-budget places in Dallas that aren't completely DIY??

Thanks in advance for all your help!

Re: Hello All.. A little introduction and some help needed!

  • The Room on Main is one of my favorite venues the their caterer is amazing (from what I've experienced and heard). The venue doesn't take a lot of decorating as it is just gorgeous. 
  • You might be able to do that at the Magnolia Hotel, although 180 people might be a little crowded in there.

    I had my reception at Cityplace, and the minimum for F&B was $10,000.  They've come under new management, so the prices might have changed, but I absolutely loved them.



  • Room on Main is great,  but is over 5000 for venue alone. Not to mention, parking, catering, beverage, etc.- would come out to around 100$ pp for your budget. Definitely gorgeous though (and good food).

    You might check out the Orion Ballroom, Hilton Park Cities, Museum of Biblical Art, Sheraton Downtown Dallas, Sky Lobby at the Chase Tower.

  • Thanks everyone for all of your help!  We found our spot at the Dallas Petroleum Club!!
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