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We need a minimum guest count of 150 people for our venue. If we have less than that we pay for 150 anyway. We just hit the 110 mark today, only 30 more to go! Once we hit the 150 mark I will feel so much better! Our RSVP deadline is this weekend and I have pretty much bitten my nails right down waiting for Yes's to come in. Anyone not hit their minimum guest count? 

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  • Good luck getting more yes RSVPs!

    We didn't have a minimum guest count although our venue requires 150 in peak months (May, June, July).  We did think all along we would have 150-170 people though since we invited about 215.  In the end a lot of people declined that we thought were definitely coming (ie FI's granddad and some aunts, uncles, and cousins).  We also had a lot of people break up with SOs or chose to not bring a guest.  In the end we'll probably have just short of 150 guests.

    Hopefully you'll have a higher acceptance rate!  Is there anyway your venue will let you upgrade the bar or add an extra appetizer during cocktail hour if you miss the minimum?  
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    We didn't have a minimum either but we told the vendors from the beginning we would have about 120. We were prepared to cover 150 which was how many we invited but we are right at 120! I'm sure there may be a few who will decide not to come to the reception for whatever reason.
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  • We didn't have a minimum guest count but we did have a minimum spending amount of $4000, no matter how many people show up we have to at least pay that amount. We definitely hit that mark though! We have about 112 coming and the total amount spent is above the minimum!
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  • Uhhhh well this minimum count thing is stressing me out. We got 1 more yes... 39 more to go lol 
  • our min is 90pp and were already at 130 and still witing for some rsvps 

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  • we didn't hit the minimum of 200, but we ended up very close with 196. not too stressful or harsh on budget
  • Our minimum was 120 people. With vendors, we had 119 and a half! Since we couldn't get much closer, I can't sweat it. :)
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    140 invited -- 118 are ready to party! -- 27 can't make it

  • Our minimum is 115, and I don't think we will hit that. Our RSVP date is August 5th though and we are missing a lot of RSVPs still. I'm hoping we get a lot this week so we don't have so many people to call.
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  • We don't have a minimum guest count but have a minimum we are required to spend.  Given our count right now I don't think we'll make our minimum spend so we'll have to think of ways to add more food during the dinner/reception. 
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  • For my DW, we needed a minimum of 50 to get the buffet package my FI wanted.  When our final counts came in at only 25 we were devastated, however my wedding planner at my venue talked to their chef and they graciously agreed to do our buffet with only the 25 people.

    I LOVE my venue and so glad we chose it!!!!  They bend over backwards and I can't wait to see everything pulled together :)  29 days!!!

  • Wooow!! Those are large minimums!! My minimum is 25 and we are at 28 haha.

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  • Somehow we ended up exactly at our minimum of 140 including vendors
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  • We didn't have minimum guest count, but our venue requires a min spend of $14000 for a Saturday night.   Our venue was also on the low end min. spend of the vendors that quoted us.
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  • For up to 200 guests, we had to meet a $4,000 food minimum (we have to give our final numbers a week before the wedding, and we have 182).  Meeting that minimum was fairly easy considering we were on the higher end of guests within the 0-200 range.  Had we gone over 200 people, there was a $6,000 minimum, and for 350-600 guests, the minimum was $8,000.  This is in central Iowa.
  • We had a minimum spending amount. And we needed 130 people to come to cover that. Last RSVP came in and our count was 129. So annoying!
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  • We have gotten some more yes RSVPs which makes me feel better. I am at home on rest after my knee surgery with nothing to do so calling these people before Saturday (Our RSVP Deadline) is proving to be tough.
  • We didn't have a minimum with our venue or the caterer that we had come in thank goodness.  We shied away from the venues with minimums like that because there were so many coming from out of town and I had no way of guessing who would actually come.  As it stands our original est. for food was 60 and we are at 50 which is saving us $600!

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  • we have a minimum spend amount and we had added on a fancier cake and an ice cream sundae bar and with the amount of guest that are coming just slightly higher than the min which is perfect. the contract initially said minimum guest, but they explained they meant just spend, so it was amended to just say spend. so check with your venue as the venue may also mean minimum spend. if that is the case, find out what options you can add on for the guests that you are hosting to meet your minimum spend. 
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