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HELP!!My dad may not walk me down the aisle!

When I was little my dad and I were very close but as I got older my dad became more if a friend then a dad. Now it's Vacations together and I don't mean sitting on the beach, reserved types of vacations! It's more of all night partying type of vacations. He is not the drinking type or disrespectful by any means. We have great times together. Unfortunately my dad do not take responsibility for his actions. My fiancé an are very organized( and by that I mean I am very organized) and was very grateful for or parents who say they will help with our wedding. We had a budget meeting and my dad on his own states he will pay for all sorts of things; photographer, florist, my dress and on top of that match what we save for the wedding! Sounds great huh?? Second budget he's on his phone, not interested in what's being said or shown at the meeting and then says he didn't say any of those things...! That made me so sad and embarrassed.. In tears because my soon to be in laws were there. All I can think if is the budget now! I calked him but never revieved a response. We didnt speak until 6 weeks later At my cousins graduation. Again on his own," call me I will give the money!" NOTHING!! That happened one more time after. I called him in distress bc the shop needed me to pay the whole amount on my dress."oh I will see what I can come up with and call you in a few hrs" NOTHING! I called him so many time for two days nothing until I blocked my number. So mAny excuse.. I forgot to call uou, my electricity is off.. I found out they were Bull crap excuses and lies. Tired if him! Ruining my expectations of my wedding. This isn't the first time he has done this! But I didn't think he wld do this to my wedding! I'm done w this! What shall I do?? Not have him walk me down the isle?? Uuurrrhhhh
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