Thoughts on Herrington on the Bay...

Has anyone ever been to a wedding or had their wedding at Herrington on the Bay? All of the reviews that I have seen so far are really good and the place looks beautiful.  However, I currently live in Texas (originally from PA) and want to make sure that it is worth the trip up there to check it out and hopefully book for my wedding next fall.  So please let me know your thoughts on this venue or if you have any other recommendations in the Chesapeake Bay area.  We are looking to have about 60 people at the wedding and our budget is 15,000 (for the venue, food, drinks, flowers, DJ/band, and photographer). 

Re: Thoughts on Herrington on the Bay...

  • We looked at Herrington on the Bay a few months ago for our wedding next year. The venue itself is beautiful, but the only space that fell in our budget was awkward and small (I thought). It really depends on what choices you pick (alcohol, food package, etc), but we went midgrade on everything there and it was between $15-$20k, and they didn't include dj, photographer, etc. We looked at 100 people. I liked it, but didn't love it nor the price and we ended up picking a venue out of state.
  • Was definitely not impressed with them. We were almost late for another appointment because the wedding coordinator guy decided that he absolutely needed to draw up a full proposal and menu choices on the spot.

    We've heard that location referred to as "Weddingpalooza". Aptly named. Very pretty, though, I'll give them that.
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