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Best/Worst Wedding food you have had?

What is the best food experience you have had at a wedding, and what is the worst food experience you've had at a wedding?

Re: Best/Worst Wedding food you have had?

  • Best was ours, but I'm probably partial ;)  

    Most weddings, I simply don't remember the food because it was very unmemorable.  I do remember SIL's wedding because I couldn't get near any food during cocktail hour, so I starving by dinner, and the dinner food was cold and the portion wasn't very big.  I went back to the hotel and hit the vending machine.

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  • The worst for sure was when DH & I both ordered the "beef" option, thinking we would get a steak or filet. What came out was a pile of Arby's style processed sliced "roast beef" with some jar gravy over the top.

  • Best was ours :-) We had lots of options for our guests - everything from more exotic adventurous food for us foodies to really good versions of more basic dishes for people like DH.

    Worst - I haven't really had any awful wedding food experiences, but I would have to say a wedding I went to where 80% of what was served during cocktail hour was heavy fried food. Then the courses that were picked for dinner (no options) sometimes included things that I don't eat, like mushroom soup. I still had enough to eat throughout the course of the evening, but it wasn't a stellar experience.
  • Almost every wedding I've ever been to has had fried chicken and beef tips, with sides of mashed potatos, gravy, green beans, and cole slaw.  Family style chicken dinner.  This may be a WI thing.

    I've been to maybe one wedding that had the plated options, but it doesn't stick out in my mind.

  • Don't remember any specific food option standing out.

    The only time I didn't like it, was  at a wedding,  where  they cleared the dishes really fast. The other guests noticed it too. You turn to talk to someone , or go to the bathroom and your dish is gone, even if not half empty. That one I remember: some fish with side of wild rice , and I liked both.  So I only remember  the one that I didn't get to eat :)

  • I can't remember the best food experience I've had at a wedding either. I don't remember anything being memorable. I DO remember the worst. There was a HUGE line for food during cocktail hour, cocktail hour lasted way too long, they ran out of food. Then dinner took forever to serve, and there was one buffet line for 250+ people. I didn't get to eat until table 1 had long finished their food. I can't even remember what the food tasted like. 

    I'm actually thinking that the best food I've had was at a friend's wedding that was pretty small, held at a local restaurant for lunch. There were about 60 people there. They had 8 different dinner options. I got delicious mushroom stuffed crepes. 
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    Worst were when the plated chicken entrees were flavorless and dry.  Also not a fan of fondant cake. 

    Best include upscale appetizers, a buffet that had butternut squash risotto as a side, a family style italian dinner with really great chicken (either marsala or picatta--I don't remember) and sides, cookie tables, dessert options other than regular cake (grooms cake made out of krispy kreme donuts!). 

    The ultimate best was my first and only station experience.  Pasta station, carving stations, asian station, salmon made to order station (excellent), cheesecake station....I couldn't eat enough at that wedding.

  • I have never attended a station wedding, but I would love to. I can't quite wrap my head around what it would be like in person, but I've heard great things about those who have chosen to have stations. 
  • Most of the weddings I've attended were buffets. Two of my friends got married and used the same caterer. One rented out the caterer's hall and the other had the caterer travel to them. It was the same food both times but a world of a difference. The food at the hall was stellar while the one that traveled was mediocre.
  • I have never attended a station wedding, but I would love to. I can't quite wrap my head around what it would be like in person, but I've heard great things about those who have chosen to have stations. 
    We had stations.  I had only attended on wedding before with stations and I thought it was genius.  Basically buffet, but usually more variety and no lines.  Our stations had complete meals on each table- main course and two sides per station and then stations that were things like pasta and sushi.

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  • I'm hoping my wedding will be the best!  Of the weddings I've been to, one had both the best and worst food.

    Best: Lobster ravioli in a light cream sauce (first course)

    Worst:  toss up between the gritty salad with cream cheese on it (seriously?? I like cheese on salad, but not cream cheese) and the "fish" entree which was actually a duo with beef (I eat beef, but many guests were unhappy to have beef on their plates) - it was just bland and flavorless.
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    Worst was a buffet where the two entree items were some kind of beef, and a mushroom ravioli. I loathe mushrooms and don't eat red meat, so I think I basically had carrots and bread for dinner.

    Best IMO was our own -- obviously because we created the menu with our favorites from the caterer's options.

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  • all the weddings i have gone to the food was good except one where the veggies were more like on the place for presentation and looks.

    the worst i would say was when we went to a bridal fair and this reception venue was doing a mock wedding and inviting people from the show to come out and taste the food for free. the venue very outdated lights and dance floor reminded me of something out of the 70s/80s most of the food was bland and some of it tasted like it was frozen and then reheated.. it was a stations style dinner. with tables of food the desert table also tasted like the stuff came from like a food wholesaler and frozen.. the dj that they reccomended was spining the music at this function and his mix of music was not great he would play a good amount of 80s then switch over to 60s music. i like a dj who will play an 80s song switch to a currant song then go back to maybe a song from the 60s 
  • I'm a pescetarian, so I've been to multiple receptions where there wasn't much I could eat - but I usually expect that. We went to a wedding last year where neither my meat eating fiance nor I felt like we had enough to eat - it was all heavy hors d'oeuvres but not a lot of variety in type. We ended up going to a restaurant afterwards.  

    Best was a wedding with stations including a really good ravioli station and a good amount of seafood (it was on the coast). 
  • the worst ever was this one wedding we went to for a cw first off they didn't really have hors d'oeuvres they gave us a couple pieces of fruit on a stick 5 sticks by the way for a table of like 8. Dinner wasn't served until like 10:30 pm we got to the reception at like 2 or something. The dinner was chicken giblets, potato salad, and rice or something. ummm eww needless to say i didn't eat and got food on the way home. Who would serve that kind of stuff at a wedding?

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  • All the weddings I've been to have been my circle of friends and family. We all generally have the same budgets and style, so we all are ending up having the same style of food.
  • Worse wedding food was becaues it was cold & unseasoned (had to put so much salt & peper on basically everything to help give it flavor.
  • Best food: Mexican truck style tacos. They were so good and athentic mexican food. They were made when you get up to the window but the line still moved pretty fast.

    Worst: It was an mid-afternoon wedding and lunch was not provided. It was mostly finger fruit and veggies, and some small servings of chicken salad (Yuck!). There wasn't much to eat and it wasn't filling by any means. We went to buffalo wild wings after and got good chicken.

  • The worst food was at a friend's wedding. It wasn't awful but since the venue didn't have a full-fledged kitchen the caterer had everything cooked elsewhere and brought to the venue. Everything was mostly cold and old. 

    Funny story, FI and I went to another friend's wedding who had the same caterer and pretty much the same menu but it was delicious! 

    This past weekend we went to another friend's wedding. FI ordered the chicken breast stuffed with ham and cheese and got full quickly. I had a great piece of prime rib and few glasses of champagne so I was pleased!
  • Worst was a buffet style option where they served (what appeared to be frozen) chicken cordon bleu thing, vegetables, and unsure of other option?  Then had a buffet for the children of chicken and french fries.  All the adults were trying to get the chicken and french fries because the food was gross so they put a waiter as a guard in front to not let the adults get any.  By the time it was us to go the food left was cold and minimal and the first table was done eating.  This is the only buffet I have gone to but is the reason by I did not even consider doing any sort of buffet style food.
  •    Best was one of my cousin's weddings at a restaurant in their banquet room. They had heavy hors d'oeuvres and plenty of them and , Wow, where they tasty. I love making a whole meal out of finger foods. I was stuffed!

       Worst (and this is just a personal preference) was probably another cousin's who had make your own sandwiches. Now I realize that is what they could afford and there was plenty of food. They were even one of the few weddings in my family where they provided drinks and no cash bar (probably because they served sandwiches, LOL), I am just not a fan. I would never say anything, however, and certainly didn't expect them to have anything fancier because 'I' didn't like it. You just asked my opinion on the best and worst food I have had and that is my opinion. Other people, like my dad, love make your own sandwiches so he thought it was great!
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    The worst food I had was at a wedding where the food had been talked up for, like, a year. It was cold, bland, AND the caterer served us barehanded. As in, she picked up meat from the carving station with her fingers and put it on our plates. Same thing with the wedding cake. I was so disgusted that I didn't eat anything she touched.

    ETA: This is my opinion, whether you feel the same way or not. I was neutral about the food until fingers went into it. Sorry, that's just something that skeeves me out.

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    Best was a friend's wedding. Appetizers were delicious and she had a great variety. My filet was cooked to perfection. You could have sliced it with a butterknife. It was amazing. The cake was sort of unmemorable but then she also had these cute little ice cream cones that were passed around. They were so good!

    Best cake was at a wedding I went to YEARS ago when I was still in high school, but the bride had a fall wedding with apple cider cake and cream cheese icing. It was so seasonal and perfect!

    Worst food I ever had was at a "black tie optional" wedding. I had much higher expectations going in than I should have. Cocktail hour consisted of a cheese plate in the center of the room. I couldn't even get to it so I was pretty hungry by the time dinner rolled around. Most people had ordered the prime rib for dinner, but it was so overdone that all throughout dinner all you could hear was the scraping noise of knives against plates. There was also so much fat on most of the cuts that people mostly didn't eat theirs. 

    We have spent a good majority of our budget on food, so we are hoping ours is excellent! For me, it really makes a huge impact on my overall experience.
  • Best I've been to was a cousin's wedding with stations. They had a beef carving station, a pasta station, and I believe a seafood station. The dessert was traditional cake. I do remember this was the first wedding I had been to that had strawberries in the champagne to keep it bubbly, so I thought that was pretty neat. The worst....I would have to say was one I went to as my friend's date, he was in the wedding. The food was typical picnic style, potato salad, cold fried chicken, some kinda green jello stuff....I honestly don't remember if they had a cake cutting or not.
  • The only bad thing I ever ate at a wedding was the dessert at my brothers last year. They did ice cream sundaes but the ice cream tasted so old, like they had put it in the bowls 2 weeks prior and just left them in the freezer for use eventually. Even the chocolate sauce and strawberry drizzle were frozen and tasted bad.
  • The best tasting food I had was a buffet at a family friends wedding.  The Chicken Marsala was amazing. With that being said they didn't have a main course or appetizers for the vegetarians,  so they were stuck eating rolls, potatoes and green beans.  Then they had a 'sweets buffet' that didn't have enough cupcakes only 1 person at our table even got one so although delicious, it was very poorly planned.

    And The worst tasting was a served dinner with stuffed chicken breast that was cold. Although mine must have been one that was sitting up for a while or something, because everyone else at my tables seemed hot including my fiances. but their cake was amazing.
  • Worst was a buffet, and it took FOREVER to get everyone through the line. They called people up by table number, but they kept running out of items and apparently it took a while to replace them each time. It seemed like they hadn't planned for how much food they would actually need, so they had to cook more stuff? (I'm not sure if that is the case, but when it takes over 15 minutes to replace a tray of potatoes, you get suspicious.) I was at a pretty far-back table, I guess, and it took us over an hour to even get to the buffet. You can imagine how awesome the food was by then. (But I went to McDonald's with my dad after the wedding, and that was fun, so silver linings.)

    Best was my cousin's wedding. The dinner was "just good" (it depended on what you ordered--the beef was better than the chicken, and the veggie option looked amazing), but the hors d'oeuvres and dessert (including cake, ice cream, chocolate truffles, SO MANY GOOD THINGS) were awesome and memorable. Plus, it seemed like they timed everything perfectly, so just when I was thinking "hm, some cake would be nice" it was cake time!
  • My brother and his wife had paella at their wedding, and 15 years later I'm still remembering how delicious that was. Most of the weddings I went to when I was young were in Louisiana. It was ALL good there. :D
  • I've never liked the food at any wedding I've been to, but I'm picky. I find though that they are trying to hard to be over the top fancy with their meals, one thing was watermelon sorbet, just weird together that was between courses.
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    Worst meal in terms of the food served was a super fatty cut of roast beef that was also pretty cold.  I'm also not a fan of fondant.

    Worst meal in terms of everything else was a buffet style meal with heavy foods like chicken, beef, mashed potatoes, etc. that we had to carry on styrafoam plates.  I saw more than one collapse.  We were also asked to eat these meats with plastic packaged silverware- bendy plastic knives, forks with prongs that got all wobbly, and the only salt and pepper we were offered were the little packages that came with our silverware and napkin.  And this was a "dress up" wedding; not a back yard BBQ.

    Best was at a banquet hall; had a great piece of steak and yummy potatoes; the chicken wasn't bad either.  My favorite part was the lemon sorbet served between courses- it just seemed so classy!  Ha ha!
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