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Hi Pittsburgh Brides!  I've been lurking around for awhile but this is my first post.  I'm getting married July 5, 2014 at the Hyeholde in Moon, and I'm having a hard time with flowers.  I'm not really a big flower person to begin with so I've been concentrating the majority of our budget on food, alcohol, music and photos.  The Hyeholde is so beautiful I figured I wouldn't need too much decor inside.  Does anyone have any florist recommendations on a budget?  I'd really like to spend less than $300 total for my bouquet, four bridesmaids bouquets, FI and the groomsmen boutonnieres, a corsage for my mom and boutonnieres for my dad and FFIL.   Is that possible?  I'm thinking of making my own centerpieces.  Thanks in advance ladies!

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  • Try Blumengarten in the Strip. Flowers were literally the last thing on my mind and they quoted me a really reasonable price for my flowers. I'm also doing my own centerpieces, so the price they quoted me was pretty much what you're asking for and it was around $350. 
  • We used Memories in Bloom in Canonsburg (PM me if you want the contact info). They did our flowers (6 bridesmaids bouquets, my ginormous bouquet, 5 corsages, and 12 bouts) for a little over $500.
  • HOLY CRAP - these prices are great!!! Thanks for posting & thanks for all of the replies !!!!  I'm getting married 12.27 so with all the venue holiday decorations, I also do not need much aside from bridal party bouquets & the moms/dads etc .... 
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    I got all my flowers at Trader Joe's and spent a grand total of $132 for my wedding last Sunday. Fortunately, my MIL's best friend works for a florist and knows how to arrange bouquets and everything, so she was a really great person to have there. I had the exact same feelings towards flowers as you - didn't really care too much. We went to TJ's the day before and just picked up whatever we could find, but I was open to whatever and they had a really great selection. It's really important to go in the morning, take buckets with a few inches of water, and have the fridge space ready to go if you decide to do flowers yourself like that. I didn't do a ton of flowers on my tables (used peaches instead) and also didn't do whole bouquets for the bridesmaids. I had clutches for them and we pinned gardenias to the front the morning of the wedding, so that helped also. But we did do a whole bouquet for me, 12 boutonnieres, 6 corsages, the gardenias for the bridesmaids, and had a lot left over. Everything was so beautiful also! So it is definitely doable on a small budget if you have the time and are willing to learn how!
  • Contact Val Brooks, she does event flowers out of her home after working in floral for most of her life -- for 420 dollars I am getting 8 sets of long stem roses for my bridesmaids, 2 dozen rose bouquet for me, 10 rose boutonnieres, 2 mini rose bouquets for moms, and more. I know other friends who have used her and been 110% satisfied. Her number is 412-418-0550 and you can just tell her you were ref'd from theKnot.
  • I was planning on ordering from Sam's Club and making my own bouquets. Our centerpieces are included with our reception. I was looking to spend 260 just for the calla lillies, not including any greenery or supplies. I found budget blossoms by Jilliann on Facebook. Her prices were better than what I could find at sams club.
  • I have horrible allergies so I stuck with silk flowers.
    My bouquet $60
    Maid of honor $45
    Bridesmaids $35 each
    Flower girl corsage $5 each
    Mothers corsages $12 each
    Any boutineer $10 each
    Free throw bouquet

    My wedding is steelers themed. Here's my bouquet

    HappyDayFlowerCo on Etsy
  • Check out the Shop n' Save in Bridgeville. You may scoff because it is a shop n' save but they have this whole bridal floral section. A ton of people I know got them there and saved an insane amount.
  • I just got a quote from budget blossoms by Jilliann too! She was great!! I am getting sunflowers and dahlias for myself and my bridal party, tall centerpieces and some other things for $900!!
  • I'm using Jillian too:) she's been great to work with thus far!
  • Sensing a theme....I used Blossoms by Jilliann too! Great!
  • We are going with Jill too :) 
  • FamilyDriedFlowers is a great etsy shop with some pre-created collections of bridal bouquets and boutioneers as well as the capability for custom creations. I used them for my bouquet, 7 boutioneers, 1 corsage and got 3 loose bunches to make my own bridesmaids bouquets. It was under $225 and I can use my bouquet at my house for years to come. 
  • I just met with Jill and I've booked her for Aug 16, 2014! 
  • My wedding is in 2015, but I've already booked Jill, too. She was half the price of another vendor that I met with! 
  • We are going with Sam's club.  DIY.
  • I highly recommend Jill!! You will save lots.

    We had a very nontraditional and smaller wedding (70 people including children) and we didn't have a wedding party...

    I believe we ended up having 14 centerpieces (we made the logs for them and she provided flowers) and my bouquet and a boutonniere for under $250 and she delivered it the morning of to our location. 
  • Here was my bouquet and a picture of a centerpiece :) 
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