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Reception Entertainment Input!

Me and My fiancé are planning our wedding for May 2014 and I am in brain lock for reception entertainment ideas. Neither of us drink. My family is very conservative Baptist and dislike dancing (I personally like to dance) so dj and dance may be a no go. Anyone out there been to a wedding where they had entertainment such as croquet, magician, alternate forms of entertainment? I am at a loss for ideas and it is kind of ruining my planning experience lol. Thanks for the help :)

Re: Reception Entertainment Input!

  • You don't really need something to keep your guests entertained. If there's no alcohol or dancing, it's safe to say that people probably won't be spending hours there, but just long enough to eat and watch you cut the cake, etc. My suggestion would be to spend time with your guests and let it play out naturally without trying to engage them in some kind of entertainment.
  • That is a good point. We aren't planning on having a long lasting reception.. Instead we are going to have more of a "party" type dinner with drinks and possibly dancing perhaps a week or two prior to the wedding for the wedding party and only closest friends. Perhaps it works that we probably won't have "entertainment". Thanks for your input!
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