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Garden City Hotel?


I know that there's a couple people who posted about this already, but they were from last year. I recently received a quote from Garden City Hotel for 200 people for a May wedding. The guy told me Spring and Fall dates start at the $200.00 per person. Winter and late Summer start at the $175.00 per person. And he seems really nice and said he would work with me- and to me that's a sign of willingness to negotiate lol! 

Has anyone else had their wedding here recently? How much were you able to negotiate? What are they willing to come down on? Were you able to get any throw-ins, etc? I think the place is absolutely gorgeous, but I can't afford $175 per person. I have a strict budget and my family has too many must-haves that I apparently "need" to accommodate. Anyone else in a similar boat? 

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