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Walking Down the Aisle with 2 Parents?

So, I have kind of an odd situation. My dad has been my dad since I was born and he and my mom were married up until six months ago. The reason they divorced is because my dad is transgender and halfway through her transition to a woman. I'm thinking about having both of them walk me down the aisle, since I'm equally close to both. Am I missing any potential problems with this?

Re: Walking Down the Aisle with 2 Parents?

  • Actually, the former/current genders of your parents are irrelevant. :) If you want to have both parents walk you down the aisle, that's fine. It's common in Jewish weddings anyway.

    If your father is transitioning, ask him/her how he/she wants to be identified in the programmes; female name and pronouns, etc.

    Congrats to you for being so understanding of your father's new identity!

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  • Thanks. She's actually had all her legal documents changed to her correct name and gender. And my fiance is actually half Jewish (in heritage) so that part is actually kind of cool.
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    You can have anyone you want walk you down the aisle. 

    Your family sounds very loving and supportive, it would be lovely to have both walk you down. 
  • You can definitely have both parents walk you down the aisle. Honestly, I feel like the only limitation in terms of who walks you down the aisle ... is that you only have two arms!

    I also wanted to say that I hope that your dad's transition is going well (I don't know if you still refer to her as your dad or not--I'm sorry if that's not correct).
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  • No problems at all. Enjoy having both your parents walk you down :) 
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