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Color help- on golf course, near beach, in June... GO!

It's also not entirely outdoors. The reception will take place in this room:


Hm, yes. Green ceilings, wooden walls, and carpet that I can't quite tell whether it's black or navy. The ceremony will be on the golf course right outside, and we will be very close to the beach so we'll more than likely be taking some pictures out there. It will be in Oregon in June, so not exactly a tropical beach. 

I tend to like bright colors but don't want to clash. We like pink, purple, coral, turquoise, and yellow but I can't decide what ones in what combination. We want something laid back so I'm not going for anything that looks super luxe. 


Re: Color help- on golf course, near beach, in June... GO!

  • Navy and Coral are super pretty together, as is yellow and navy if you want to bring the navy in. Lavender goes very nice with green and yellow as well. If you want to tie in the reception hall colors, those would be my recommendations if you are worried about your colors not going with the reception venue. That said, they don't have to match. The green ceiling is actually pretty neutral, I don't think anyone would notice it.

    This is my go to for palettes: http://www.theperfectpalette.com/
  • What colors do YOU like best? Honestly, I've never once been to a wedding and thought "good grief, the bridesmaids' dresses seriously clash with the window treatments at this venue." I think most combination of the colors you've listed would work, but I'm partial to the turquoise and yellow combo, myself. Stop into your local David's bridal and take a look at dresses in those colors in person and google & search pinterest for those color combos; having a visual may help you make a decision.
  • Good point, I am overthinking this :) 
  • I'd pick your colors without regard to this room. Pick what you want and then dress up the room. I couldn't tell you the color of the ceiling or carpet at any wedding I've ever been to. Even when I see photos, I've never noticed them.

    That said, I'd definitely do white or ivory linens in this room since it seems a little dark. I like yellow and coral for a spring wedding. 

  • Any of those colors would go. My vote is something light colored since it is a June wedding, you will be outside, you don't want to go dark because your poor BM will be like a heat magnet in dark colored dresses.
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