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HELP- Lighting for Outdoor Night Ceremony

Okay, so I am realizing that by the time I go walking down the aisle it is going to be completely dark outside. My venue offers some lighting but not enough to light up the aisle. I don't think candles will create enough light to see our faces. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Re: HELP- Lighting for Outdoor Night Ceremony

  • Google will give you tons of ideas.  It looks like twinkle lights and lanterns are two popular options.

    Is your venue a traditional wedding venue?  What have they done with night ceremonies in the past?  Is it possible to move up the time of your ceremony so lighting isn't an issue?
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  • The venue is used for weddings but it is brand new. They have a few sister sites that are built the same but I can't seem to find any pictures of people having their weddings at night there. Apparently I'm the only one doing that, lol. My wedding is on a Friday at 6:00, it's too late to change the time, invites go out at the beginning of Sept. I just felt like if it were any earlier on a Friday it would be hard for people to attend.


    I have looked on google I see a lot of the large bulbed string of lights. I just didn't know if anyone had any other options. I'm still afraid it's not going to be enough, that it will just cast a small amount. I don't need all of the guests lit up but it would be nice to have enough lighting along the aisle.

  • It might not be that dark when you get married.  Check the expected sunset times for your area on your wedding date.  Here's a site that might be helpful: 
  • The sunsets at 5:30 so it will be dark by then. I was thinking about either small spotlights on the side of the aisle (under the chairs) pointing up towards the aisle or some how stringing lights over head.
  • What about Christmas lights?

  • Call around for local lighting companies who can maybe come in & do some lightening for you. Also some DJ's do lightening too.

  • I will have to try that. I am going to a rental place this week to see what they have for options. Thank you.
  • Market lighting would work well.
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