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A September Wedding No More

So I found yesterday that the venue I LOVE is booked on my day (9/6/14) after months of stalker like checking the be sure it wasnt booked. I was so disappointed that I may have cried a little. But I love the venue so much that I am willing to take almost anything they may have earlier, as my FI and I are doing the long distance thing and I don't want to wait any longer than I have to to be with him. Right now we are considering something as early as May...Man, 9/6/14 was a great date...

Re: A September Wedding No More

  • Awww that's awful :/  But why didn't you book it right away when it was open? What about doing a Friday or Sunday wedding??
  • Because I caught a case of cold feet :( I wanted to make sure there wasn't anything I'd like more coupled with an older sister who kept telling me I had plenty of time. My Fiance and I both have a lot of family that will be coming from out of state...I am considering sunday 8/31/14

  • 8/31/14 is a great choice! Keep in mind that's Labor Day weekend as well, so guests can travel home on that Monday too! Because of the holiday, even Sunday 9/01/14 could work!

  • Looks like I'm a June bride now :( Bright side, my Fiance is very excited about the earlier date. 
  • Just to note there are lots of people who plan trips out of town for those long weekends (Labor and Memorial) so make sure you get your save the dates out early and be prepared for some declines due to conflicting plans
    Hope it works out well! Happy Planning!

  • I'm having a Friday wedding since after checking with my family and VIPs they said they would be there and don't mind it. The venue I chose is pretty much all filled up on Saturday dates by now in September so I think if you are really set on a wedding at this venue a Friday or Sunday would be something to consider.
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  • awwwww...Good luck planning....june is close!
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