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Food Truck Wedding in Triangle?

Has anyone in the triangle had a food truck wedding?? I am a Durhamite getting married in Raleigh. We really want to hire a taco truck to cater and I thought I'd get input from anyone who's done this or other food truck catering. What were your thoughts? How much did it cost? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 


Re: Food Truck Wedding in Triangle?

  • We decided not to go with this, but we were looking into baguetteaboutit. They ran about $10 a head (substantially less than a caterer) but they don't provide sides/drinks/plates/really anything but food.

    I wish I could tell you more, but we didn't really go much further bc it wasn't really doable for our wedding of 150.


  • Well thanks so much! That's super helpful!
  • Some very good friends of mine did that in August. They were married at their home, and had a reception at Motorco with the Pie Pushers truck and the KoKyo BBQ truck providing dinner and desserts by Monut's Donuts. It was awesome!
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  • That does sound fun, LNK. Good to hear that it worked from a guest's perspective! Thanks!
  • We're having Porchetta come to our wedding. It is $10/head with two sides and 5 main course options including a veggie option for the non meat eaters. They told us they can serve about 100 people/hour. 
  • Sol Tacos 

    Amazing tacos and the chef/owner (Andrew Schaumann) is super nice and incredibly talented. He is doing my wedding in October as a buffet and is really willing to work with you to create a menu that is suited to you and your budget. I know you posted this last fall, but just in case you're still looking or in case other brides see this, if you work with this guy you definitely won't be disappointed. 
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