DavidsBridal Screwed Up My Alterations

I'm getting married in exactly 2 weeks. I've had my dress back from their alterations for about 2 weeks. I've only just now tried it on again. I'd have done it sooner but there's no one around that can help my into my dress. 

Anyway, when I was at the Davids Bridal getting my dress back I had mentioned that I was afraid of tripping because the dress was slightly on the ground. The woman said to not worry about it. That my stride would push the dress up enough so I'd not trip.

But after trying it on here at home and walking around for a while I kept tripping no matter HOW big my stride. 

I've got no choice but to take it back tomorrow and hope to gawd that they can fix it and get it back to me in 2 weeks. I don't want to have to pay for it either since it was THEIR screw up.
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Re: DavidsBridal Screwed Up My Alterations

  • Good luck! Let us know how it goes.
  • They suggested I poof out my petticoat since it's less than 1/4 inch too long. Otherwise they'd have to charge me the rush fitting fee, even if they didn't charge me for the fix itself, which they would. I swear, Davids Bridal does NOT care about it's brides after they've forked over the money. 

    But I will say I think poofing the petticoat will work.
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  • How tall are the heels you are going to wear
  • Short. Like 2 or 2.5 inches. My fiance and I are the same height and I don't want to be a lot taller than him in all our pictures.
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  • davids bridal is a mass producer of wedding gowns they have nice dresses and a good selection. but there alterations can be pricey. they hire people in the masses for alterations and they teach you the basic stuff but cant do to much in terms of really in depth alterations or complicated ones. i would speak to the store manager to see if they can do something for you since it was tech there fault, 
  • I was going to suggest a different slip that might poof it out a little more. Hope everything works out well. I know how you feel about the tripping part, I changed from my heels to flats for my reception and I was tripping if I didn't hold my dress up and you can't be holding your dress up while walking down the isle.


  • I'd bet dimes to dollars they're going to charge you for it, and a rush.

    Seems like if you take the dress out of the store, it's like saying "It's all good, and I'm happy."

    My seamstress is being so painstaking with my hemline.  It's currently pinned, but we won't finalize the hemline until all the work on the bodice is done.

    Good luck!  Let us know what DBs says!
  • ... I have already told y'all what David's Bridal said... in my 2nd post. 
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  • David's Bridal completely screwed up my bridesmaid dress for my brother's wedding. The night before the wedding I had to find someone who could alter it and they had to literally take the whole dress apart and re-build it. Now I'm petrified to have them touch my wedding gown. Hopefully a different location will do a better job, but many alteration locations charge more than David's would....Good luck to you honey!
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