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Tree Trunk Slabs

Has anyone used round slabs of wood for center pieces, cake stands, etc. If so, how did you go about inquiring the wood? Etsy has them for sale, but it seems awfully expensive for an untreated simple piece of wood. We don't own a chainsaw, or I would have my fiance do it ourselves. Has anyone had any luck getting scraps from a lumber yard? If you end up DIY, did you treat the wood in any way after cutting it? Thanks

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    I'm thinking you'll just have to spread the word amongst family and friends.

    You can either borrow or rent a chainsaw from family or friends, or maybe they'll even have a tree they've been looking to get rid of.

    DH & I just cut down a 30ft pine tree last week, so if you knew me, I'd give the hunks to you for free so I don't have to haul them to a compost site.


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    I've been looking for months now for the same thing.unable to find a source, I have decided today that there is now way around buying them online even though I don't want to spend that much.
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    I looked high and low. Etsy was super expensive. We live in CA otherwise we would have had my family cut large slabs at home. My compromise was ordering small slices like 4" from etsy and wood burning our table numbers. Then had my dad chainsaw cut one large slab for our cake which my grandma was able to drive out. Good luck!

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    Ask friends and family. See if there is a local place/area/business that might know or have some and call them up and ask.

    One thing that I have done is to go to a local Menards or Home Depot and ask a worker in the chainsaw area for information. I was searching for saws once to cut one thing and a guy said he had a small side remodeling business and offered to cut it for me for free if I stopped by.
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