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How to protect folding chairs in the grass

Hey!  We're currently planning on an outdoor ceremony and reception in my family's backyard in the far south Chicago area and are trying to keep it laid back and low cost.  We're thinking of using folding chairs from my use for the reception portion of the day, covering the top backs with 1/2 of a plastic table cloth to keep things looking relatively nice in pictures.  However, for the ceremony, we're thinking about Renting chairs like the white with chrome from this site, but would be worried about the chairs sinking into the dirt. I've been trying to think up cost-effective ways to keep this from happening.  One thought I've had is to use aluminum foil to cover the feet of the chairs. I don't think this would look terrible with the legs being chrome, but I want to know what other ideas some of you may have for this!  As you can see, these are less than half the cost of the padded white with resin frame (aka garden chairs), so renting them would be a pretty great cost-saver.

Any ideas?  What have you done or what are you planning to do?

Re: How to protect folding chairs in the grass

  • I just want to be clear that you are not using the same chairs for the ceremony and recpetion right?  That would be a big hassle and unfair to anyone who has to move them around! As far as "protecting" the feet of the chairs I'm pretty sure aluminum foil wouldn't do rips so easily!  Your best bet is to just find a place that isn't too soft or rent a chair with a larger footprint.

    Also using "plastic" anything on the backs of the chairs might not look all that nice.  It is better that you provide everyone with their own seat for reception and ceremony, and if you cannot afford it cut down the guest list, increase savings, or push the wedding date back.  I am not trying ot knock your ideas, just providing my honest Opinion.

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