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Young Bride-to-Be (1st wknd of Oct)

Hello Fellow Knotties! I'm Olivia :) I got engaged last year and am just now getting my hands into this crazy thing called 'Wedding Planning' Our date is set for October-4-2014 *Hides from all the snickering Spring/Summers brides*

I've always loved the thought of a beautiful Fall wedding with the bright leaves and crisp air...
I'm 23, and so is Hubby to-be. I've decided to have my wedding before we both graduate *Yikes* I'm very excited to be planning this beautiful (hopefully) event!! I've been waiting a while to become a knottie, (3 years) and I can't wait to make friends here! Cheers!!


Re: Young Bride-to-Be (1st wknd of Oct)

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    Congrats Olivia :) I'm getting married October 3rd! I am in the same boat... been with my future-hubby for 6 years so this has been a long time coming!

    Best of luck as you dive into planning... not sure about you... I was pretty overwhelmed at first but the more "tasks" I get crossed off the list the more excited I get! Do you have a venue yet? 
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  • Congrats! We're weekend buddies! (I'm 10/5/14)
  • What a great day to get married! ;) October 4 as well! I'll be with my FI for 9 years on our wedding day. (WOW!)

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  • We are Date twins :) Congrats!
  • I do! As of yesterday we booked a beautiful venue with a parachute ceiling! So excited
  • Congratulations Olivia!! I'm also a young, October 2014 bride. I am 22 now but by the time I get married I will be 23, and same with my fiance. :) 

    Like you, I always dreamed of a fall wedding! I love everything about autumn. Do you know your color schemes yet??

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    Visit Fall.weddings.com
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    Congrats!  Fall rocks :-)

    "Love is the one thing we're capable of perceiving that transcends time and space."

  • Congrats!! We're date buddies :) I am currently in nursing school, and I know I'm insane for doing this! Trying to set a goal each week/every other week has really helped me keep things under control. Good luck!
  • October 4th here as well!! Congratulations on setting a date!
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  • Congratulations!, I'm also a young bride. I'm 23 will be 24 by wedding.
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    Our date is Oct 5, but we are getting married in CA so I'm not really doing it for the color (I wanted it to be warm but not HOT).
  • hI! I am 23 too. my wedding is on October 11,2014 sooo fun!! 
  • I am 22, and our wedding is October 5th! We've actually been engaged since we were 18. So many similarities on this thread! Lol and FALL OVER SPRING/SUMMER FTW! (;
  • I am 22 and getting married October 11th. We are so excited to get married! My FI is 25 and this July will be our 5 year anniversary date. Congratulations to all the brides to be! I love the idea of a fall wedding using pumpkins and gourds. We are doing a rustic fall theme.
  • Congrats! Our wedding day is Oct. 4th as well! I'll be 22 when we get married (I'll be turning 23 about 2 weeks later.) Good luck with all of your planning. I will be graduating in less than a month and we purposely planned our wedding for after our graduation. 
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