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HAD MEETING WITH PASTOR TODAY TO GO OVER VOWS. HE CAME WITH OLD OLD OLD VOWS...."Do you Julia vow to love, honor, cherish and OBEY!!!!!!!!!!

I always said I would not say that in my wedding vows and I stopped him right away and said no I'm not saying that. He refused to compromise and said basically I can find someone else if I don't like his vows. But that's what he does. We have had 4 counseling sessions and I really liked him and thought he'd be great and then today at our final meeting 5 days before our wedding I am now on verge of a break down because the last thing I want is to be up there in front of 100 guests and forced to say something I do not agree with. Everyone that knows me will be caught off guard and will wonder WTH has gotten into me an they will know that I am not being genuine. I feel like both our vows should be the same. He also lists all these things and asks us to say "I Will" this I also don't like...I want to say "I Do".........


SO does anyone know a non-religious, non-traditional minister that throw something together in 5 days??


The ceremony is at the Frauenthal Theater in Muskegon.


I don't know what to do, I feel like if I stand up there and say all these things I do not agree with and am uncomfortable saying then my ceremony has much less meaning. Instead of being happy in the moment I will be up there regretting and hating what I have to say.


I'm feeling so lost and sad and mad and just disappointed. I put so much work into this wedding and then for the most important part to just be completing not me is just so upsetting.


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