looking for a male dancer....

I am helping my maid of honor find an awesome male dancer willing to travel to the downtown Hartford area, any ideas?

Re: looking for a male dancer....

  • I'm surprised this has gone unanswered...I'm interested though so please PM me if you get any info!!
  • maybe look at craigslist?
  • There are so many good dance studios in CT, full of students looking for work...get in touch with some of them, as well as ones in NYC and in the Boston area. You should be able to find someone closer to the Hartford area though, especially if you look around New Haven. Advertise at some college dance departments as well.
  • I'm guessing you are looking for a male dancer for a bachelorette party? I hired one once when I was a MOH in my Best Friend's wedding from Absolute Men out of New Haven. They were great to work with and I'm sure they'll travel to Hartford. Check them out.
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