July 2014 flowers

I am getting married next July. For my reception centerpieces I wanted natural flowers. To save some money i wanted to do the floral arrangements myself, but I am scared that they will wilt by the wedding day. My plan would be to do them two days before the wedding but since it is July I know that it will be hot and I am not sure how this will affect the flowers. Any tips?

Re: July 2014 flowers

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    We didn't have floral centerpieces, but I did do all my bouquets and bouts myself (with help from family). We did them the day before and kept the bouquets in water and bouts in sealed plastic baggies with a puff of air breathed into them in the fridge. Make sure you keep any flowers in water and in an air conditioned room. Choose heartier species. And practice a few times before. 
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