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I'm Matron of Honor for my little sister's wedding but we're not very close. So I thought I would make my speech short and funny. I'm not a very good writer though and I'd like to incorporate how when my little sister was born I was not happy. My dad woke me up to tell me my mom had a girl and I had a sister and I rolled over and went back to sleep! I was so mad. I wanted a brother because I wanted to be the only girl. If I tell it like this, I'm afraid my sister is going to get upset and not find it funny. Any suggestions? THANKS! 

Re: Matron of Honor Speech

  • doeydodoeydo Southwestern Ontario member
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    Have you seen The Wedding Crashers?  
    image I think you might hear crickets, make your sister mad, and come across as a jealous older sister.
  • Jen4948Jen4948 Houston member
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    This doesn't sound like good wedding toast material.

    To be honest, given that you and your sister don't seem close, I'd skip the humor and just give a nice speech, even if it sounds generic.
  • bethsmilesbethsmiles Denver, CO member
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    I disagree with the PPs that people would think you were jealous and bitter if you tell that story as long as it followed about how close you to are, how much you love her and wish her and her new husband happiness and whatnot.

    But it's not really funny or unique. I think a lot of people have what is essentially that exact same story - for example I wanted a sister and got a brother.

    Personally, I'd skip telling any story. Toasts are best when they are short (2 minutes max) and the speaker avoids spending the whole toast talking about him/herself. Focus you toast on how happy you are for you sister and new BIL.

  • I think people put way too much time and thought into their TOASTS (not speeches). I always like the ones that are short, sweet and wish the couple well. No more than 30 seconds.

    If you two were really close now this might be taken differently but since you're not, I leave it out. Just wish them well.

  • Keep it under two minutes.  Do not make fun of anyone during the speech.  Have it written down.  Wish the new couple well in the future.

    If it's not written down and you're not good at memorizing, your run the risk of ad-libbing too much and just sounding horrible.
  • MairePoppyMairePoppy Connecticut mod
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    No, no, no. Don't make 'speech.' Make a 'toast' to the newly married couple. Keep it short and sweet, 2- 3 sentences, then raise your glass to them. 
  • One thing you left out, was whether or not you're still mad you got a sister ;) You can even say something like, ...I rolled over because I was mad. I wanted a little brother." and continue with, "Today I couldn't be any happier to have a sister. Even though we aren't as close as we like (Maybe, so it doesnt sound generic. As a bride with siblings I'm not close with, I wouldnt ask them if I thought they would just say something generic to sound good on video. we're not filming an award winning drama), it has been an honor watching her grow. Today I have the honor of being a part of the biggest day of her life, and I would like to make a toast... and so on."

    Don't lie. Don't be fake. If anything, share it with her fiance, since he should know her better than anyone ;)
  • btw, I went to a wedding a week ago where the all three toasts had funny, TRUE, stories, and it turned out fantastic. It fit them.
  • btw, I went to a wedding a week ago where the all three toasts had funny, TRUE, stories, and it turned out fantastic. It fit them.
  • I think it depends on the person & also your relationship with person/couple. If you're close with them then a funny, intimate speech/toast would fit nicely. If you're not close a simple wishing them the best would suffice too. I would say do what feels right. In all honesty with you saying you're not close, I'm surprised she made you the MOH. Go with what you know about them, about her. I would definitely not make a joke because that could backfire like alli, doe & Jen said. 

    For me the generic we wish you the best wouldn't seem like a toast/speech to me. I know my family & my fiance's family and I know they'll be giving us toasts. (Yes I agree not too long, 2 mins is perfect). For my side of the guest list I believe I have special circumstances  regarding my life & I know my family will want the chance to say something sweet and beautiful. (I was born with a medical condition if anyone was wondering). So giving this moment in my life, that doctors said to my family that they would never get to see, I believe gives them the right to make a few toasts/speeches. 

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