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Hi brides, We are having our reception at Children's museum, assuming we get the date we want at our church first! The issue we face is that you can bring your own alcohol, but they suggested we use a supplier and I cannot remember the name( I think it started with a D). Any suggestions or people who have done the same thing?

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    I am using premiere but I can supply the alcohol to them.
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    So then what do you have them doing? We have a caterer who will provide the bar tenders, we just need to either supply our own alcohol or use an alcohol supplier.
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    If you're into saving a little $, supplying yourself is definitely possible. I did -- with tips/list from a bartender. Also, a little known fact -- you can return unopened/unchilled bottles to the PA wine & spirit stores within a certain time frame and with a receipt. 
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    That is our plan. But it is good to know they will take back unopened bottles!
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    Yep, they told me that little secret when I approached the counter with 4 carts full of liquor and wine! ha. I have a box and a half to return so it's really nice! 
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    We used Dreadnought Wine
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