Reception - centerpiece idea - need opinions

Cookie tables are not the norm in my hometown which is where I'm getting married. However, I love the cookie table tradition. So, I was thinking of rather than having a cookie table, I would have cake stands with cookies piled on them as the centerpiece on each table. I could scatter some petals or something around them. . .

Hors de oeuvers (did I spell that right? doubtful) would be served, but the cookies would be on each table.

IDK - too shower-ish maybe?

the expense of floral centerpieces scares me. My favorite flowers seem to be the pricey ones and I do need to stick to a budget.

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Re: Reception - centerpiece idea - need opinions

  • I think in theory, the idea is cute, but people are going to just automatically assume that the cookies are there for snacking purposes. I'd be willing to bet that you're going to end up with empty cake stands on your tables about an hour and half into your reception.

    What kind of theme/vibe are you going for? What are your colors? Maybe the girls here will have some ideas for non-floral, inexpensive centerpieces for you.

  • I like the idea but I agree with the PPs, there are lots of ideas for non-floral centerpieces that don't cost a lot and I think the cookies would be cute on a separate table. A lot of brides on this board seem to write a little summary of the tradition and put it on the cookie table so those unfamiliar know why they are getting cookies for a favor. Maybe you can do something like that and then stick to something simple on the tables like candles and mirrors or floating candles in vases to add some height.
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  • Candles, Candles, Candles. They are great way to add alot of ambience and appeal for relatively little expense.  Create a uniform group of them in the center of the table for a modern, clean look. Or get a few candlesticks in different heights and a add couple eclectic items to the mix like a vintage picture frame or a decorative vase with a single bloom of your favorite flower (rather than the whole bunch).

    If you still want to do cookie stands -- go for it-- an empty stand at the end of the night just means your guests enjoyed themselvesSmile
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