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Bridesmaid Gifts

I love my girls... but am feeling particularly wedding-broke. 

Anyone have any great inexpensive/DIY ideas for gifts for bridesmaids? 

Re: Bridesmaid Gifts

  • Do you have a charming Charlie's near you? I got my girls bracelets from their for $8 each.

    I also did hangers with their names on them and a pretty pair of earrings (those were like $20).

    Altogether I spent about $30 per girl.


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  • I'm helping my sister gather a bunch of cute gifts for her bridesmaids for her wedding. However, I'm all about saving some bucks, so I've got a couple ideas for you:
    * dollar store shot glasses that you can etch (check Pinterest for instructions)
    * cheap picture frames decorated with cute washi tape
    *You should check deal websites like living social and stuff, because sometimes they have great deals on girly gifts like makeup bags, purses, and other things. I just used LS to get this:
    *For a fun gift that they can use on the day of the wedding, I just purchased and decorated these disposable flasks. They're 6 for $12 - which was perfect because my sister only has 4 bridesmaids (including me). I've already started decorating them with glitter matching the ceremony colors, and I'm planning to print monogram stickers for them!
    They come in a bunch of colors - I chose to get black since I knew I was going to glitter-ize them :)
  • I really like the Charming Charlie idea...that's a great store with a ton of accessories that aren't too pricey.

    I'm ordering Alex and Ani bracelets for my 6 bridesmaids. The bracelets themselves cost $28 each and I will probably give them something else small in addition to those like a bottle of their favorite wine.

    Sometimes it's cost effective to buy gifts unique to each bridesmaid...for example maybe buying one a book by her favorite author or a gift basket full of baking accessories if one likes to bake. 
  • OP, no matter what, just give gifts your girls will appreciate. You know them best. Don't give them something just because it is cheap.


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  • I threw a bridesmaids luncheon when I formally asked them all to be attendants. They got a swag bag at the luncheon that included a black satin quilted make-up bag with "bridesmaid" in rhinestones, a black t-shirt with "bridesmaid" in rhinestones to wear the day of the wedding, a couple of other cute things like hand lotion. For the rehearsal dinner, I will give them jewelry I purchased for them to wear in the wedding and a little package of Kleenex with their initials. None of it was expensive. Hobby Lobby has their wedding stuff half off at least once a month. That's where I bought the make-up bags.

    I found a cute idea (here, I think) for the hostesses for my showers. I bought bottles of shower gel from Bath & Body Works in the PS I Love You fragrance. Tying a shower puff to it and a tag that says "I hope your next shower is as lovely as mine was."

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    NiceGirlNTX:  I love that idea about the shower gel!  I got my girls some totes, jewlery, wine and was looking for something else that had some meaning.  Thanks so much!
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