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Hi ladies,

While I am no longer planning a wedding, myself (married 3 years ago), my brother is recently engaged and I am helping my mother plan the rehearsal dinner. We live in Houston and I am not too familiar with the Dallas area. I could use some venue recommendations that are not restaurants as we are Jewish and will need to have a Kosher caterer. My brother and his fiance are getting married at the Courthouse so we also wanted to staw away from another museum. There will be many out of town guest so we do want to keep it uniquely "Texas." Thanks in advance for your help!


Re: Rehearsal Dinner Venues

  • Are they getting married at the Dallas County Courthouse? Do you have a budget for the venue?

    If they're getting married at the Fort Worth Courthouse, I would suggest the Stockyards Station, but for Dallas, I don't have any great ideas right off the bat. I know that there's the Filter Building near White Rock Lake, but that may be too pricey for a RD venue. Hopefully some of the Dallas knotties will chime in.

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    I *think* the OP might mean the Old Red Courthouse (a wonderful venue BTW).  Not sure.  If you aren't talking about Old Red for the wedding, it could be used for the RD and it's a beautiful building about as uniquely Texas as you can get.  (I still hate that I didn't know it was used for weddings when I got married--I totally would have picked it.)

    Otherwise, I know a couple of Knotties have had their RDs at Times Ten Cellar which is a wine cellar (so I don't know how you feel about that).  I can think of some blank slate/warehouse type venues you could rent, but they don't scream "Texas" to me.  You could look at the Texas Discovery Gardens in Fair Park--looks like they might have a couple of options:  http://texasdiscoverygardens.org/RENTAL.Basic.Information.pdf

    Although not a Kosher caterer, a recent Knottie did use Beyond the Box catering for her kosher reception and gave him a great review.

  • I think you mean me as far as beyond the box and the kosher reception. We had a "kosher style" reception. No pork, no shellfish, no diary since we were serving beef and chicken, etc. However, it was not a kosher caterer, as they did not cook in a kosher kitchen, nor was the meat certified. So...it depends on how strictly observant you want your kosher meal. If you only want kosher style, I do recommend it as the food was delicious and they worked with all our restrictions without a problem. It seems like you want a kosher caterer though since you aren't wanting it at a restaurant, which could all easily accommodate kosher style.
  • I've been to a kosher reception at The Fairmont Hotel (Orthodox).  

    3015 Trinity Groves is a newer venue across the Margaret Hill Hunt bridge that is focused on culinary talents, so I think that they should be able to accommodate a kosher menu. http://www.3015dallas.com/ 

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