9-7-13 Vendor Reviews-- kind of long :)

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Hey Everyone! I wasn't too active on these boards, but I found the Vendor reviews extremely helpful during my planning process so I wanted to share ours! I was very happy with our vendor choices! I hope you all enjoy planning, the day goes so fast! PM me if you have any questions or want some more info :)


Venue: Crowne Plaza Pittsburgh- South: A+++

We wanted our reception in a hotel, and I’m so happy we went with the Crowne. The wedding coordinator Kelli had a lot to do with my decision. She is so bubbly, nice, and personable and she was so easy to talk to, and made me feel like we were the only wedding she worried about (even though they are booked almost every weekend). I am very controlling, and I had so much faith that she would handle everything..and she did!  I had a lot of DIY/extra décor etc that had specific places where I wanted them, and I went over it all on Friday, and on Saturday everything was set up perfectly! The Crowne was very flexible with some of my ideas, and let us bring sushi in from an outside vendor for cocktail hour. All of our guests commented how nice the setup was, how delicious the food was, and how they were overall impressed.  We also had a block of rooms and I don’t think anyone had a problem with their check in process and receiving a welcome bag. The ONLY downfall was that there is no free breakfast, but my mom had the hotel print up coupons for our hotel guests welcome bags so it worked out.

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Hair: Pretty Hair Salon- Kala and Dom: A+++

Wow. Kala and Dom are AMAZING! Pretty already gets amazing reviews on the knot and I’m just another one. They even stuck around until my makeup was done to touch me up and continued to touch up all the girls too throughout the morning. Someone actually came up to me at the wedding and said “you’re bridal party has the prettiest hair I’ve ever seen at a wedding!”. That’s a true story.


Makeup: Airbrushing Beauty by Kate: A+++

Kate is a friend of a friend so I knew she did amazing makeup and that I wanted her to do my makeup for the wedding. She did mine, my MOH, my moms and another bridesmaids. She is very talented and will work with you until it’s just what you like. She is really cute and friendly and easy to talk to too while she does your makeup. I was VERY pleased with her! My makeup stayed on the whole day/night through tears, pictures and dancing.


Photography: Caitlin Thomas Photography: A+++

Caitlin and her assistant/BFF Sam, are absolutely amazing!! She already gets amazing reviews on the knot and she deserves every one. Not only are her pictures beautiful, but her and Sam helped me relax before the wedding and helped keep the timing of everything running smoothly. She was seriously like having a friend there with you the whole time who just happens to take pictures too. We have gotten so many compliments on the pictures people have seen so far. She also gets the pictures back to you very quickly! Here is a link to our pictures from her blog! J Ours is Vicki + Justin in case it changes...

Dj: Greg Eronsenko: A

We found Greg through one of my Husband’s friends who got married last year. He was way under our budget so we booked him. He is very nice, and easy to work with and I gave him a list of must plays, Do not plays, and told him he could take requests. He played most of the songs from my list and the dance floor was PACKED All night. Also, I’m greek so I had given him greek songs to play too, and he had no problem announcing long last names. Fun fact: he’s the mayor of Monroeville (random?)

Dress/alterations: The White Orchid: A+

I went into dress shopping not knowing what silhouette I wanted or anything. I worked with Vonnie at my first appointment when I found the dress. They were very nice and helpful and didn’t pressure me AT ALL! They actually told me to leave, and sleep on it and come back. I went back a few days later with my dad to buy the dress. Tina did my alterations, and she was great. I wanted her to add an extra inch to the panel of my corset back so that it didn’t need tied so tightly..she said no problem. When I went back the for my final fitting it was not done and she said she “forgot”. I did feel bad for her because she was really upset about it and I told her it wasn’t a problem. So I ended up having to have 4 fittings..not the end of the world but at the time I was semi annoyed.

Tux rental: Mens Warehouse: C

They were not overly friendly when we went in but we wanted the Vera Wang slim fit tux since my husband is very tall and skinny. 3 days before the wedding I find out they had ordered the wrong color ties and “didn’t have on record” The color I wanted so I had to go back out there to re choose. They told me they would be in on Saturday----the morning of the wedding. I said no way and I needed to speak to a manager, and then they made a few calls and got them in the next day. Overall, I was less than pleased with their service.

Party Bus: Shamrock Limousine: A++

The party bus was a tad pricey but they all are when you say the word Wedding behind anything…the driver got there on time, bus was clean and had water bottles and Chapagne on it. We did bring more champagne,beer and snack of our own on the bus too.  He had no problem getting us to and from the church and kept it nice and cool for us when we would get back in. The people in the offices are very nice when I would call with 35 questions. Overall, I was please with them and would recommend them for sure.


ETA: Vera WANG not Bradley--oops!

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    oops forgot a few...


    Cake: Signature Desserts: A+++

    Linda and her husband at Signature desserts are awesome. The cake tasting was great, then you go back in a second time to design. You can show her pictures, or pick from hers, of things you like and then design your own. Our cake was fabulous and delicious and we got so many compliments on them. And they give you a fresh cake on your 1st anniversary so you don't have to freeze the topper.

    Floral: The Botanical Emporium: A++

    Elizabeth is very..unique. Her personality might be too strong for some but she knows what she's doing with flowers. I had somewhat of an idea what I wanted, and her vision really helped bring everything together. She is very professional and timely and I got a lot of compliments on the flowers at the wedding, and the bridesmaids and my bouquets.

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    We are already looking forward to our anniversary cake from Signature :)

    Glad everything went so well for you!

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    @csuave yes I am so excited for it because the only taste I got of it was the one bite!

    Thank you! :) You too!

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