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Jupiter Pool reception?

I've noticed several members posting about having their wedding reception at the Jupiter Pool at Caesar's Palace. I didn't even realize this was an option! Where can I find more information about this venue? We are having our ceremony at the Juno Garden at Caesars in September 2014, so this would obviously be a very convenient location! We will have approx. 25 guests. Any photos/pricing/additional info that you could share would be much appreciated :)

Re: Jupiter Pool reception?

  • Hi I was considering the same however when I spoke to Jaime Bise the sales coordinator and was told the f&b minimum was $15000 I quickly reconsidered as if never be able to meet that with 30 guests.
  • Wow!! Ok that will not work... Where did you end up booking for your reception?
  • Hey ladies, I also know that Flamingo also has a poolside option too.  I looked into it when I was getting information about my reception but I can not remember what their minimum's are.  With that number of guests, maybe you should look at renting a suite as Caesars?  They have some pretty cool ones but I am not too sure about the cost.  When I looked into it, the person I spoke with wasn't very helpful but maybe that was because of our guest count.  I remember somebody else on here said they spoke to somebody who was really helpful at giving them options.
  • Thanks @j9lawrence, I've just had the info through from the flamingo for the garden terrace it looks quite nice. Have you been to see it?
    @cmtrewin I still haven't booked anywhere, I'm going over to Vegas in November to view a few places.
  • @Lyndsey No I am sorry.  I have been to Vegas twice but not for a scouting trip.  I am booking everything sight unseen.  I also looked into Margaritaville and the prices last year didn't seem too bad but they only let you book 6 months in advance.  I was wanting a secure option farther in advance but it would have been fun!
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    @J9lawrence I had a horrible time with the front desk at Caesar's but actually talked to some super helpful people on the phone about suites. Here's the info I received and/or have found around the internet:

    There are some smaller suites which we didn't get pricing for because we were looking for space for 25-30.

    cmtrewin and you don't want Caesar's catering, make sure to NOT mention "wedding reception" or they'll make you go through their catering & events department. I used "family reunion" on the phone and no questions were asked about food.
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