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Cancelled Wedding Kindness

So I was on Yahoo! and saw this article on a wedding that was cancelled, but instead of walking away from a reception that was already  payed for, they invited a bunch of people from a homeless shelter to partake in the reception instead. Read the story below and tell me your thoughts. I have never even thought about something like that before. It sure made me tear up! :') 

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Re: Cancelled Wedding Kindness

  • I didn't read the link yet, but that truly is a great way to give!  I should have thought of that...I did cancel a wedding.  I didn't have it all paid for, though, just lost my deposits, but they could've applied towards someone who couldn't afford a lot. 
  • Someone already posted about this on another board. 
  • Uh oh, looks like emmaxbean93 should have read all of the other boards before posting this. 
  • I wasn't being mean, I was just letting her know. 
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    Oops! My bad. But yes, @jenn77b I thought it was very sweet. Don't worry- I wouldn't have either until I read the article. It would be very nice as well to apply it but I know they will state that it was for holding the place for your date, which I get, but still haha.

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