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Trying to decide between two themes/colors

My fiance and I have our themes/colors just about narrowed down to two, and I wanted your opinions. My mom, who is helping with a lot of the planning and funding seems to be totally ok with both of them and I've shown her ideas for both that she likes.

Right now our #1 venue choice (we are setting up an appointment with them for next week and hopefully all goes well so we can start to get that locked down) is a science museum. We would probably have the reception in their dinosaur room.

The first one is a very green, planty, almost jungley type thing (minus animal print and big leopard statues or anything like that). Our colors for that would be shades of green and silvers. Both of us are super environmentally conscious and green is his favorite color, so we definitely can see this idea working.

The second is a planetary/night sky type theme. We don't want to get too spaceship/sci-fi with it, but are thinking lots of stars, maybe twinkle lights, that sort of thing. The colors would be probably darker blues and silver. I grew up on the space coast (my dad works for NASA) and both of us are science nerds, plus I feel like this could be a really pretty theme.

What are your opinions?

Re: Trying to decide between two themes/colors

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