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Who all got their dress at Lulu's Boutique? This is the first place I plan to shop. I really hope to find my dress and my bridesmaid dresses there. We plan to go next month. My question is it really small? Their website says they recommend you only bring 1 or 2 girls on a Saturday. Obviously several of my girls as well as my mother and mil want to go. I just want to make sure I don't over do it if I bring 3 or 4? Thoughts???

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Re: Lulu's Boutique

  • I haven't been, but it is pretty small.



  • I got my dress at Lulus, it was an absolutely amazing experience!  The first time I went it was just my mom, but the 2nd time I took about 5 people with me and we fit in one of the rooms just fine!

    They don't take appointments, but I highly recommend 'requesting' Elaine Maples when you get there.  She was a dream of a consultant and I absolutely adore her.  They are a little nuts on trunk show weekends, but I couldn't have asked for a better experience!

  • Does anyone know if you have to pay in full at the time of purchase or if you can put down a down payment. I need to be prepared when we go next weekend! :) I think I will have 3 or 4 girls with me so hopefully that won't be too crowded. Thanks Ladies! 
  • Call and ask -- all bridal shops are different about their deposits.  At Mockingbird I had to pay 80% up front.



  • I went there but did not buy a dress from there.  Yes it's very small.  I didn't really see bridesmaid dresses honestly.  I think most who go there do for the wedding dresses.  They do have nice dresses and the staff is very nice.  In my case I am plus size and they didn't have much in my size for me to try on. 
  • While I've never been to Lulu's, I would imagine that they limit the number of people because it is probably their busiest day of the week and can get crowded quickly.
  • Hey Ladies, I called. They do not limit the number but said the rooms are different sizes and the larger groups have to wait for the larger rooms. I told them I was bringing 3 or 4 girls with me and they said that would fit ok in all of the rooms. :) Thanks for all of the info. 
  • I know the room I was in 3-4 would of been stuffy The room I was in was a shared room and I couldn't imagine having 3 extra people in there with us.  Sounds like they don't want you to go else were.  Either way they have nice dresses I would still check them out. 
  • THe room I was in would have been fine with 3 or 4.

    They do have bridesmaid dresses, they are on the 2nd floor, there is a pretty large room full of them.

    Lulu's requires 75% down on a dress to order it!  I loved my experience there and as a plus size girl, I found there was plenty to try on!

  • I bought my dress from there and it is small. I brought 4 people with me and it was okay. You do have to put down 75% if you choose to buy there. Make sure it is at least 6 months before your wedding date to allow time to order. I ordered mines a week ago and it won't arrive until Feb and then I will have to do alterations and that takes another month or so. Hopefully it will be ready by April.
  • I just had the best experience at Lulu's! My consultant was Jenny and she was so so great. The other consultants there were rude and aloof. When we left, my mom, friend, and I ALL agreed that had we been put with another consultant-- our experience would not have been the same and I wouldn't have found my dress! I think the consultant helping you is so important. 

    All that being said, I went on the Friday of a trunk show weekend (Allure) and found THE DRESS! My wedding is approx 6 months away and my dress will arrive at Lulu's tomorrow (which is less than one week from our purchase). 

    I was so happy with Lulu's. It is a small house in Uptown turned into a bridal shop and is small, but the rooms where you try your dresses on are as big as necessary. There is a whole room full of bridesmaids dresses upstairs (Bill Levkoff, David Tutera, Donna Morgan, etc.)
  • I got an Allure dress from Lulus too!! :) 
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