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Detail: Auerole at Mandalay Bay

I'm planning my second scouting trip to Vegas next month, this time with the fiance, and we've zeroed in on Auerole at Mandalay Bay as the reception venue we are most interested in. I didn't see the restaurant during my first scouting adventure, but have been impressed with the photos, menus and detail received from group dining so far. Wanted to share some detail since it can be hard to come by when researching venues!

Aureole has private space for 30-90 guests (we're looking at 60) and seems to be well-priced in Vegas terms and for the type of reception we want and are budgeting for. A one-hour reception and 3-course 2-hour dinner, sans alcohol is $150 pp. I'm imagining open bar for a three-hour reception/dinner may be about $100 pp, all before taxes/gratuities. We'd like add a few items onto the cocktail hour (maybe a station or two), and also would add a cake and champagne onto the package. We're presuming that all in -- food and beverage, alcohol, cake and fees -- will run about $15K for 60 guests.

Aureole also does it's own florals -- usually either red roses or a seasonal green-themed display on each table -- so one could go with that or you can order your preferred floral through the restaurant, which we'd likely do.


I'm attaching a few photos from the private space here and will give an update after our trip. It looks a little "business dinner" in the images, but I think would be different at night and with more decoration. Hopefully, we'll be returning from Las Vegas with a wedding date and contracts for the chapel and restaurant!

Re: Detail: Auerole at Mandalay Bay

  • I really like Aureole and those prices seem pretty reasonable for such a nice restaurant. What kind of food are you thinking??

    I love that they have a garden with swans in the restaurant (the Swan Court wedding ceremony location mentioned on MB's wedding venue list) and that they have wine angels for their wine tower! More pics btw:

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  • I agree with you, Kazzy, the swan courtyard is such a pretty area, at least from the photos I have seen far! The private room opens out to the courtyard and is rentable, if you want to have the ceremony there (we do not). They do not set up or serve food in the space, however, though I was told that my guests could take a drink out to the courtyard to mingle during our cocktail hour. My wedding will be in January, so it may be a little on the cooler side, but the majority of our guests are East Coasters, so 60s is balmy for us in the winter!

    The menu for the cocktail hour and dinner look nice, with good options. The cocktail hour package includes four passed items; we'll likely add on an additional two items plus a stationary display or two (e.g., crudite or charcuterie) for variety. The three-course dinner includes two options for starters, three entrees, and two desserts for guests to select from. I'll also likely add on a couple of special meals: I'm the only vegetarian in the group, so I'll have a separately ordered entree for myself so we can provide a traditional meat-fish-poulty option for our guests; and we'll have between 1-4 picky teen eaters, so will work with the venue on something to suit them.

    I'm getting ahead of myself, I know. I just hope we love the space and they have availability for the dates we're looking at! The rest will fall into place after the ink is dried on the contracts!


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