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Yummy, inexpensive cake

Hello Knotties! I'm looking for a baker, professional or out of home, who can bake yummy cakes but at a reasonable price. I have, as many of you do I'm sure, a limited budget but a rather large guest list. Do any of you have some tasty recommendations?

Re: Yummy, inexpensive cake

  • Hello! A friend of mine that got married last year actually had a small wedding cake that they used for the cake cutting part of the reception, where only the bottom layer was actual cake and the top was just a fake top two layers and then she ordered two sheet cakes from Costco and they put a flower on each piece of cake and kept the cake in the back and had the caterer cut the cake into slices and bring them out so it looked like they were all individual pieces, no one knew it was just a sheet cake from Costco and they only cost $17 for each cake, and the cake was absolutely delicious!
  • It was something that I would have never thought to do, and when I first heard I was like really? you got your cake from Costco? but it was so good and very pretty in the end.
  • Tabitha Ballard used to be the cheapest around. Not sure if she still is. http://cakesbydesigndfw.com
  • I second Tabitha Ballard. She was by far the cheapest I could find (while still being good quality). I liked her so much that I used her for my husband's birthday cake in December, too!
  • What's your guestlist count? Are you wanting for sure 3 tier cake, or are you open to multiple cakes? My baker is The Hospitality Sweet (a new little place in Downtown Dallas) and I'm getting cake for 130 for $438 with tax. Their 3 tiers are a little more though because more work is involved. I'm going for this look but with mixing two teirs as well:image
  • About the fake layers: If you have any kind of elaborate design on the cake, it's still going to cost you a lot of money, because you have to pay for the decorating.  Obviously it's less than getting a full cake, but it seems like a lot of money to spend on nothing.

    I third Tabitha Ballard.



  • I have contacted Tabitha, but I have yet to get any response about setting an appointment with her for cake tasting.
    Right now my guest count is anywhere from 140-170. I just sent out the invitations this last weekend, so the responses are up in the air right now.
    I'll keep in mind the costco idea, thanks!
  • What kind of price range are you looking at? I did the sweet inspirations package with The Cake Guys, and for the 100 person package (with 130 guests, we still had plenty leftover) we spent around $500 (with an added charge that I can't remember for delivery) for the wedding and grooms' cakes.
  • Tabitha Ballard is still the most affordable, I think, and she does great work.  Not to worry, I'm sure she will respond.  She's very professional and responsive.

    We ended up going with Panini, which is (IMO) THE most delicious wedding cake in town.  They were surprisingly affordable. 

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  • Yeah, Panini was who did our cake, too, and while they're not as inexpensive as some other bakers, they are definitely delicious.  And actually, the owner got me a great deal on my groom's cake -- I had to have pretty elaborate designs printed on sugar paper, and she has such a great relationship with a woman who does that that she got it for free!  Also, they bake you a fresh cake for your anniversary -- and since we moved to Oklahoma, they were very accommodating and made ours for a time when we'd be able to go pick it up.



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    I used Kelly for a cake for a birthday party. I spent $100 for a two tiered cake that feed 50 people. It was beautiful and very good. She bakes out of her home, and is very talented. You should check her out.




  • We met with Tabitha Ballard for a cake tasting and it was alright.... but I didn't loooove the cake.
    We went with Cakes by Joanna , she is the sweetest person and makes you feel like king and queen even for the tasting...and my fiance kept talking about her cake even a week later. :)
    She is in the same price range as Tabitha.

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