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Is anyone getting married outdoors in May 2014?

I'm getting married in Malibu, CA on May 3 next year!  My venue is totally outdoors and I'm worried that it'll be really cold at night.  We are planning on heat lamps & pashminas, but I was wondering if anyone else is getting married in Malibu around the same time.  

Re: Is anyone getting married outdoors in May 2014?

  • This probably will not help but im getting married outside...also May 3rd 2014 but in Vegas so I'm sure the weather is warmer there especially in May. I think the heat lamps will give off enough heat though :)
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  • We considered Malibu in late April, but I was very worried about the cold. It's going to be chilly, like into the 50s. I suggest you let guests know the whole shebang is outside so they can dress accordingly. I would also buy cheap shawls in bulk for guests who need some extra warmth. 

  • We're also getting married next May outdoors but in Santa Barbara which I know is chilly at night even in July.  On our website, I mentioned people...especially ladies might want to bring a sweater or shawl.  I just hope it doesn't rain.  
  • I'm getting married in May as well :) my wedding planner did not think heat lamps were necessary.
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