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September 2013 Weddings

Thank yous...

I was a bit shocked by the amount of people who didn't bring a card (even one with no cash or check) or a gift of any kind--am I expected to send thank yous to people for coming or just if they gave us something?
I understand its price coming to weddings but I would think a 2 dollar card from the drugstore that says thanks for inviting us and Congrats would have sufficed???
Was I expecting too much?

Re: Thank yous...

  • This happened to me too. But a friend did say that cards/gifts came in the mail for a couple of months after. If you never see anything, I don't think you have to send a note just to thank someone for coming. Those notes are reserved for gifts (be they monetary or if you are gifted a service of some sort) and I think if one is not received, the meal and drinks you paid for would be a sufficient thank you for attending.
  • Yes I got one thank you for those who showed with nothing and then one for those who gave something--so we can write a personal note on those--certainly never stops surprising me how people have no manners anymore--sheesh! (ps I got two cards the week after but nothing since so that's that)
  • This happened to us also. I find it so rude! I could never imagine going to a wedding without a gift! SMH
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