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Obviously ours are a bit different from normal invitations since it's a destination. There's so much information that they need to have, and I need a lot of space to give it, so I'm thinking about only adding one insert - an information card that says:
 For information regarding hotels, transportation and more, please refer to our website:

What has everyone else done?

Re: Invitation Inserts

  • I had two inserts. 

    One had the travel agent information the cost of the hotel, group airfare rate, deposit due dates, and the wedding website. 

    The second insert was just our RSVP card.
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  • I have 2 inserts. One is the RSVP card, the other I titled "Guest information" It had information about accessing the venue and then on the back of the card (because we ran out of room on the front) it says "For more information, please visit our website: abcdefg etc" 

    Some of our guests are not internet savvy but for those that are the website has more information about things to do in the area, lodging, welcome party, etc. Like you though I felt like I had to cut the information off somewhere!
  • I did and put all the info on my website and the most crucial info on the card. Esp travel agent info if you are using one so they can call with questions
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