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Purchasing Alcohol??

Hey Ladies, Our venue is BYOB. We are going to purchase from somewhere in Dallas and have it delivered the day of....hopefully. Do any of you have any experience with purchasing alcohol in Dallas and how did you determine how much you needed? We are thinking we will have about 200 guests. We want to offer a few different beers (maybe miller lite, coors lite, and bud lite) and then a few different liquors (thinking vodka, rum and whisky) plus red and white wine. Any guidance is appreciated. I think I saw that Spec's allows you to return any un opened bottles.

Re: Purchasing Alcohol??

  • First off, I would check with your venue to see if there are any liquor stores that they have a relationship with that may offer you a discount. We were able to score a 15% discount at Sigels in Addison, and it helped greatly. Our venue had taps for the kegs and provided the shells to us, so we didn't have to put down a deposit. We provided 2 kegs to our guests (one Miller Lt, one Shiner Bock). With 120 guests, we floated them both.

    If your venue isn't able to provide a discount, I would call around to stores that would allow you to return any unopened bottles and go with one of those.

    In addition to beer, we went with 4 varieties of Bota Box wine (which is actually really good!). One box was equivalent to 4 bottles of wine and we had 6 boxes. We served the wine out of carafes (from Ikea), and nobody could tell that it came from a box. Figuring how much liquor to get put me in such a fit that I just scrapped the idea, since I would have had to also provide the mixers. I just couldn't deal with it and figured that everyone could make it with beer and wine. The only thing we ran low on was Pinot Grigio.

    Here is a decent drink calculator: http://www.bevmo.com/Misc/PartyPlanner.aspx . It basically averages a # of drinks per guest over the length of the event. You can safely figure that you'll get 120 16 oz servings of beer per keg, and roughly 27 shots of liquor per 750 mL liquor bottle.

  • We were unable to get delivery with Siegel's on Greenville, BUT we were able to return unopened bottles we hadn't used.
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