Problems with venues. Your thoughts?

Hello!  I'm wondering, is anyone else frustrated beyond all human reason at venues???  We don't have one yet and it has put a screeching halt on all other plans.  I've contacted several and apparently no one knows how to run a business that includes replying to emails.  Forget replying in a timely manner, they just don't reply at all.  Wouldn't one think that if they want to make money that they'd try to get as much business as they can?!  Or do they just live in their own little worlds without any respect for anyone else's time?  I understand it is Montana and everyone is more relaxed there (I lived there most of my life, I get it) but we all have lives and things to do!  Is anyone else going through it too?  What have you done?  Nix them from the list/keep nagging them?  If we don't get a venue soon (within the next few days) we have to move our shindig from MT to Pennsylvania.  I really don't want to do that.  At.All.  Our cake artist has been so very very helpful and excellent that I'd feel just awful moving it but I also feel like it is a blatant disrespect for vendors to just not reply.  I can understand a day, maybe two, but we're not friends!  I'd be paying for a service, not going out to lunch.  Please tell me how to deal!!!
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